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A simple library aimed at determining CPU features, specs and related OS properties in an easy and unified way, among a wide range of CPUs and OSes. Developers can use it as information (eg log/debug), and to select optimum codepaths at runtime.




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Gentoo Community PortalCreate a program to gather system informationSome sort of advisory & acceptance from user that their configuration files will be uploaded for all to see, maybe before emerge, “Do you accept that your conf files a,b,c will be uploaded…� Upload info to Portalhostname uname -a cat /proc/cpuinfo emerge info lspci lsusb xorg.conf rc-update show rc.conf System.map kde/gnome (version) ls -lha /etc/skel uptime kernel .config /etc/modules.d/alsa /etc/conf.d/net Fun Stufffind

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Welcome to smp-on-qemu projectInvestigating Android... Overall TargetsStep #1 Implement ARM11MPCore Linux over QEMU.Step #2 Port Android on this Linux emulation.Logs20100325:NFS ready. See attched in "Downloads" page: (1) config.nfs.ok.20100325.001 (2) tq.arm11mpcore.qemu.20100325.000.sh For qemu networking setup, see "Wiki" page. Here we go: # cat /proc/cpuinfoProcessor\t: ARMv6-compatible processor rev 2 (v6l)processor\t: 0BogoMIPS\t: 40.85processor\t: 1BogoMIPS\t: 157.69processor\t: 2BogoMIPS

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LPM is short for Linux Proc Monitor. LPM是一个监控Linux主机性能�数的类库,带有一个web server,�供网页访问接�,��是你安装过"sinatra".主�监控的是Linux主机性能常用�数,比如主机CPU,Load,Memory等,还�以监控�个进程的�数指标比如�进程消耗的CPU等. 该项目将和�外一个项目�并,当然完全�以�独拿出�使用。 �并�, LPM中文项目�将�:�倩 �外一个项目--LPMP中文项目�将�:

cpuinfo - A corpus of /proc/cpuinfo files

A corpus of /proc/cpuinfo files

Linux-Cpuinfo - Release history of Linux-Cpuinfo

Release history of Linux-Cpuinfo

Linux-Cpuinfo - get cpuinfo Linux kernel

get cpuinfo Linux kernel

cpu - x-platform cpuinfos

x-platform cpuinfos