Comunidade Portuguesa de SharePoint

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Comunidade Portuguesa de SharePoint



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Jawa - javascript with aspects

A javascript library that combines OOP with AOP

Gr0 - Toolkit for SEO and website-building by

download robots.txt from websites listed in a file, make watermark picture with HTML5 canvas, code for registration of CPS, ...

Cpswarehouse - CPS Racial/Ethnic Survey Warehouse and Visualization Tool

A simple data warehouse for the publicly available data from the CPS Racial/Ethnic Survey. This project aims to offer insight into this data, as well as providing documentation for creating similar applications to offer insights into other well structured, publicly available datasets.

Cps104mipsemulator - Java MIPS Emulator

CPS 104 Java MIPS Emulatorby Nick Patrick, Joanna Shih, Caleb Vandenheuvel Project designed for Computer Science 104 at Duke University in Fall 2007. Links: Download project: Download project documentation: README.pdf View the Subversion repository here. View the project API here. View the project specification here.

Erelational - Transforms an E/R diagram into a relational database

This project allows you to construct an E/R diagram and have it create a series of relations. This idea for a program was said in class by one of my cps professors, and it sounded like a good thing to do.

Aelansoftcps - Birthday manager

NetBeans Project implementing a social network-based birthday manager developed as an academic work for the course Projects which takes place in the 4th course of Computer Engineering in CPS, Universidad de Zaragoza (Saragossa, Spain).

Cps108-magnetic-flocks - Animation engine and Leaderless Flock Simulator

This project is a 2D simulation of leaderless flock behavior written in Java using the Swing GUI package.

szechyjs cps assignments

repository to store my cps assignments