CppUnit - C++ port of JUnit

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CppUnit is the C++ port of the famous JUnit framework for unit testing. Test output is in XML or text format for automatic testing and GUI based for supervised tests.




Related Projects


C++ unit testing framework, very cutdown compared to CppUnit but very simple and implemented entirely using header files.

Efficiency Guardian

EfficiencyGuardian extracts callgrind efficiency measures from individual CppUnit test cases to detect efficiency regresion. It includes a data mining web tool to browse historic results and TestFarm integration for unattended execution on commit.


MiniCppUnit another C++ port of the famous JUnit framework for unit testing. Unlike CppUnit, MiniCppUnit follows a minimalistic aproach: The basic features are the same but in only bout 500 lines of code! No library instalation is needed, etc.

Qualityworks - quality framework to visualize your technical debt for your codes

IntroductionIt provides the one-page quality view for the products unit testing reports. The framework collect the quality data from different existing source (junit, PMD, FindBUGS, cppunit, ...) and generate unique quality number to give simple view. It is based on python and use google chart API. Mockup Idea is powered by InstallationInstallation DocumentationPluginGuide Changelog


CppUnit for PalmOS. (Unit Testing Modules of Extreme Programming.)


Code2Test examines c++ code and automatically generates CPPUnit Tests from it

Tinytest - Simple unit testing framework for c/c++

Simple unit testing for c/c++This is as simple and easy to use unit testing as it gets. It consists of a single header file. It won't displace cppunit and boost::test, but it is enough to quickly write and run your test cases. A c sample #include <stdlib.h>#include <stdio.h>#include "tinytest.h"int t1(void){ int* p = NULL; TINYTEST_ASSERT(!p); TINYTEST_ASSERT(!printf("")); return 1; // Always return a value different than 0 at test end.}int t2(void){ int* x = (int*)malloc(sizeof(int)); TINYTEST_

Mock Objects for C++

mockpp is a platform independent unit testing framework for C++. Its goal is to facilitate developing unit tests and integration tests in the spirit of quot;Mock Objects for Javaquot; and jMock. It is tested with CppUnit but should work with other frameworks.


Cities3D is a cross-platform OpenGL port of the classic board game Settlers of Catan, written using wxWidgets, boost, and cppunit. It supports hotseat and online play, and has both Seafarers and Cities amp; Knights, with all maps and rules.


yakTest is a very lightweight (only a few classes) testing framework in the spirit of JUnit, CppUnit, and others. It emphasizes small-grained test classes and text output in file:line:message format suitable for emacs. A sample test case is included.