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CppTest is a portable and powerful, yet simple, unit testing framework for handling automated tests in C++. The focus lies on usability and extendability. Several output formats are supported and new ones are easily added.




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Made by: Cultured::Labs Copyright 2010 Cultured::Labs Storage for C++ tests and functions.

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What is EMF4CPP?EMF4CPP (formerly Ecore2CPP) is a C++ implementation and type mapping for the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) core, the Ecore metamodel. The current release allows to generate C++ code from Ecore metamodels, and to parse and serialize models and metamodels from and into XMI documents. Also, a partially implemented reflective API for generated metamodels is provided. EMF4CPP consists of two parts: a source code generator from Ecore metamodels to C++ and two runtime support librar

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C++ Test Code

cpptest - Framework for handling automated tests in C++

Framework for handling automated tests in C++