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CPPLapack is a c++ class wrapper for BLAS and LAPACK. Its special features are the followings. [1]User-friendly interface [2]Hi-speed matrix calculations using BLAS and LAPACK [3]Minimized number of copy times using Smart Temporary system




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Bfilt - A C++ Bayesian Filtering library

BFilt is a multi-platform and open-source C++ bayesian filtering library. It contains useful and classical algorithms in state estimation of hidden markov models. So you can easily construct discrete-disrete (DD) and continuous-discrete (CD) models (linear or nonlinear) for filtering (Kalman, EKF, UKF, particle filters, ...) and simulation methods. Indeed, markovian model simulators can be used for particle filters. Libraries such as BFL and Bayes++ consider only discrete-discrete filtering. Wit

cpplapack_plus - functions which is useful when we use cpplapack

functions which is useful when we use cpplapack

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