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An inversion of control mechanism for C++. cpp-resolver takes advantage of the strengths of C++ to check the resolution of dependencies at link time, while promoting proper separation of concerns.




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The SFII90 engine is designed to allow the development of video games or rapid development of video game prototypes using Ruby scripts. It is designed to be simple to use at the cost of possible speed sacrifices. Future versions are planned which will offer network game play, 3D scene and model support, cross-platform support, and speed optimizations. The engine itself is written in C++ using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Express. Developers are free to modify and/or add additional functionality

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O objectivo do trabalho é desenvolver um sistema para a gestão da reserva de bilhetes para espectáculos. As secções seguintes detalham os seus requisitos que se dividem em dois: Requisitos Base: Os projectos que cumpram integralmente estes requisitos, bem com os requisitos técnicos serão cotados com um máximo de 15 valores. Requisitos Avançados: Os projectos que cumpram integralmente estes requisitos e a base, bem com os requisitos técnicos serão cotados para 20 valores. I. Requisitos

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Andy 12/30/09: I updated our project to make it not really searchable since we're going to start putting up some code we might not want to share for the tournament. John 12/27/09: Well it took me a while but now my general expansion code expands to islands as well. Actually anytime a unit wants to get somewhere it cant reach a transport will be made and it will (eventually) get there. Next I am going to make it attack reaonably. Andy 12/23/09: I was getting bored of my protoss bot because workin


C++ Dependecy Injection framework/library based on cpp-resolver