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CPOL is a high-performance policy evaluation engine intended for use as a database post-processing system. It is implemented as a C++ class that takes application-specific type parameters to specify its behavior.




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Name-tag-translator - Translate Picasa name tags into Flickr tags

Application will read Picasa ini files and translate face-recognition information into Flickr tags, either automagically or through a manual upload process. This project currently requires and includes: Nini, uncommonly powerful .NET configuration library released under MIT license: http://nini.sourceforge.net/license.php ExifLibrary for .NET released under Code Project Open License: http://www.codeproject.com/info/cpol10.aspx

Libftdispi - FTDI SPI library based on libftdi and libusb

FTDI SPI LibraryDescriptionThis library permits to use FTDI device as a SPI master. It uses libftdi and so libusb to access to the device. SPI Supported Modes: Master Mode only Chip Select IDLE state setting 4 Mode settings (CPOL CPHA) 4 General Purpose Outputs PortabilityGNU/Linux, MS Windows and potentially all OS where libusb and libftdi are ported to. BuildThe build system uses SCons (tested with SCons 1.1.0, 1.2.0 & 2.0.1) Tested build environments: Linux 32 & 64, Windows MinGW, Linux MinGW

Enterprise ASP.NET Suite

Localization, localizable e-mail, developer-specific configurations, URL rewriting, Windows services, UAC, payment gateways, etc. This project actually uses the Code Project Open License (CPOL). Please see downloaded files for details.

Lib-reckon - The Reckon Project - Open Source Finite Element Method Project

The Reckon ProjectOpen Source Finite Element Method Projectbased on code below int main() { printf("hello, world!"); return 0; } DescriptionThe Reckon Project - Open Source Finite Element Method Project using std C++, boost::, ICU, MFC, COM, OpenGL, etc.. Target PlatformCurrently on Win32 Finally on MAC OSX (10.5 or later / using COCOA Framework) Current Statusthe VERY VERY Beginning Notice on this ProjectStarted with Alumni of CAE Lab. @ Korea University Project Managerhow314 / steve -at- how31


Fork of Dave Kerr's "Solitaire and Spider Solitaire for WPF" which was released under CPOL