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CPOINt is a presentations program designed to be fast, and light. It's written in SDL and C++, and can also run on older computers (Pentium and up). It uses an XML based file type, supports Truetype fonts and all images supported by SDL_Image.




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Glibwmi - GLibWMI Component Libray for Delphi

GLibWMI is a component library for Windows System Administration. They are based on WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation). This library is a beta version and can be used freely and free of charge. CBiosInfo: Information abou System BIOS. CDiskDriveInfo: Information about existing Drives on System. CDisplayInfo: Information about Display configuration. CKeyboardInfo: Information about keyboard installed on system. COperatingSystemInfo: Information about Operating System. CPhysicalMemoryInfo: I

easygui is a widget based, animation enhancement GUI framework

Send email to this group: egui_dev@googlegroups.com for any question. How to Use the eGUI in you mfc application.By Yang XiaoWang 1. Create a CContainerWidget as a root container of other widgets. CContainerWidget* m_pRootContainer = new CContainerWidget();2. Create a CDisplayManager to hold your mfc window's draw context. CDisplayManager* m_pDisplayManage=new CDisplayManage(m_hWnd,wrc.Width(),wrc.Height());3. Set the rootContainer's Display Manager as the above displayManager m_pDisplayManage->

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