Compiere on PostgreSQL

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The goal of this project is to develop PostgreSQL support for Compiere equal to Oracle. We will document all changes and additions to Compiere, extensively test, and submit to Jorg for inclusion in the Compiere baseline.



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Coppermine - Photo Gallery in PHP

Coppermine is a multi-purpose fully-featured and integrated web picture gallery. Users could upload pictures and arrange them in categories and albums. It supports slideshow viewer, e-card feature, Template system, Image rotation, Password protected albums, Search support and lot more.

Customized-payload-for-iplus - A ruby script customized for iPlus 2.0b

iPlus 2.0b is an iphone jailbreak software which can install packages while jailbreaking . This ruby script used for making with on-line customize source server like Touch ps: now, only support for Mac and must have installed ruby interpreter prerequisite iplus2.0b package list url or local package list file unzip download iplus 2.0b, and copy to cp iplus/ cpg/payload_source.zipif using local file ./g

Picasa2coppermine - Picasa Web Uploader to Coppermine Gallery

This is a Coppermine plugin which enables a gallery admin to upload files from Picasa into a site running Coppermine Photo Gallery v 1.5. Currently, CPG v 1.5 is not officially released so it would require subversion access to get the files. Since it is not yet released, it is not supported and should only be used for testing. Please refer to the wiki pages for additional information. Please report any issues or feature requests. Code contributions are welcome. The code was based on the sample c

HELEN 3 Tools

HELEN is a flexible framework to support the computer-based management of Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG). It covers the whole life-cycle of a guideline, providing methods and tools for each step (from development to clinical use).

Cumin - CuMin - minimalist/mobile theme for Coppermine Photo Gallery (cpg)

CuMin is a theme for use with Coppermine Photo Gallery (also known as "cpg"), intended to provide a rich-but-minimal gallery browsing interface on small screen devices such as the Apple iPhone or devices running Google's Android. It makes use of the iUI mobile user interface kit, with modifications and additions.

Byugenefinder - A gene finder that uses Hidden Markov models to predict eukaryotic genes.

A gene finder that predicts eukaryotic genes using a Hidden Markov Model to identify CpG islands.

Coppermine Photo Gallery - PLUS

Coppermine Photo Gallery - PLUS is an extended and improved edition of CPG project. Extends touches with video support, improved and optimized pages layout, provides support for xml database (you do not need database driven hostings).

NukeLeague for DragonFly CMS

This project is an attempt to bring the excellent NukeLeague PHPNuke module to DragonFly. We're looking for help, so if you know DragonFlyCMS/CPG-Nuke and PHP, feel free to help out!


subMerged, a theme created by redhair for various content management sites. Currently available for: phpBB, Coppermine Photo Gallery (CPG), phpWebSite and phpNuke If you already have subMerged, always visit this site (first) to check for updates.