The network terminal of tr069 protocol

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The project is to develop a free CPE prompted in TR-069 protocol by DSLforum.



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Perl-cwmp - Perl ACS server implementing CWMP protocol to manage CPE clients

This project moved to github:

Cpe315-lab4 - Lab 4

This is our lab

MLA Auto-Generator

Generates correctly formatted(MLA, APA, Chicago, CPE, Turabian) entries for works cited or bibliography pages.

Ecospeed - Pilotage d'ascenseurs

Outil de pilotage d'une batterie d'ascenseurs de manière optimisée. Dans le cadre d'un projet en 4IRC.

Dsimulator - Device network Simulator

this a very flexible device network simulator. With this simulator you should be able not just to learn how different network devices works, but also, you can create your own network devices and recreate, by terms of traffic network , real network devices.


A LinkedIn like for CPE Lyon engineering school

Cpe480-gobot - An AI that plays Go.

Summary StatementOur project is to create an agent that will be able to play the game of Go on a competitive level against the members in our group. The decision making process of the agent will involve using a MINIMAX tree to evaluate the strengths of each possible move. Introduction and P.A.G.E. Project Details Demo Results and Conclusion


FreeACS is Free Auto-Configuration Server. The project has just started, but we hope (and plan) to provide a free (GPL) full implementation of the CPE WAN Management Protocol (CWMP).