CPC Photo Catalog

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CPC creates a browsable photo catalog, to quickly view and retrieve photos stored on disk or CD. The catalog is small, fast and display photo thumbnails amp; properties: snapshot date and time, ratio, size and dimensions... CPC is for digital camera owners




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OpenX - Ad Server

OpenX is a quite popular and widely used Ad Server. It supports geo targeting, content targeting Ads, just create a zone and insert the html code in to the web page. The Ads will be served from your repository. It has multiple pricing models (CPM, CPC, CPA, Fixed Cost). It supports Image, Flash, HTML, 3rd party, Rich Media, Video (linear & non-linear) file formats.

Cpchomepage - Cpc Home Page SVN

This is the SVN for CPC. the Admin is HuangJ.in

Cpcrslib - CPC libraries for z88dk

ASM Libraries for CPC under z88dk (and SDCC) News05/21/2012 cpcwyzlib for SDCC released. 11/28/2010 cpcrslib with horizontal scrolling capabilities is uploaded. From now, there will be 2 official libraries: one for scrolling and one for static screen. Although the scrolling one can be used to for static screens, because it has been improved for scrolling, when static using it is a slower than the "standard" one. Horizontal scroll example included. 11/15/2010 Bug in cpc_WyzPlayer corrected. When

Cpc-frontend - Frontend for CPC emulator(s)

Un cargador para juegos de Amstrad CPC, que se apoya en un emulador como CPCE y una colección de imágenes de disco. Diseñado para ser portable: no necesita instalación, funciona desde un pendrive. Requiere Windows y .Net Autodetecta los juegos y sus capturas de pantalla. Permite jugar en pantalla completa o en ventana. A frontend to allow easy loading of Amstrad CPC Games, using a CPC emulator such as CPCE and a collection of disk images. Designed to be portable (no installation needed, runs

Xcpc - Amstrad CPC Emulator

Xcpc is a portable Amstrad CPC464/CPC664/CPC6128 Emulator written in C designed to run on any POSIX system (Linux/BSD/UNIX-like OSes) ...

Cpcpachi - A small Pascal cross-compiler for Amstrad CPC

CpcPaChi (a.k.a. Chi)EnglishThis is a project for a "Pascal-like" compiler to develop CPC programs using a PC. It is created step by step, incrementally, for learners. Documentation and comments are in Spanish. If you understand Spanish, you can have a look at csharp for more details about the version coded in C# (current), or Contenido for more details about the version coded in Pascal (obsolete). Español / SpanishEste es un proyecto para crear un compilador de lenguaje "parecido a Pascal" par

Netbarcodewriter - .Net Barcode Writer

.Net project that will generate a range of barcodes. The barcodes can be used & integrated into your project however you want. Currently supports: Code 3 of 9 (Standard & full ASCII) Code 2 of 5 Code 11 Code128 Code93 Codabar Code 2 of 7 Interleaved 2 of 5 EAN13 EAN8 UPC-A UPC2 UPC5 UPCE PostNet CPC (Canadian Post Office codes) US Post Office Intelligent Mail Codes More to be added over time including 3D barcodes like PDF417 & Data Matrix & the 4 state barcodes used by post offices.

Awkquery - awk_query() function in php

<?phprequire_once 'awk_query.php';$path_file=PATH_SEM_DATA."venue_{$items['venue_name']}/account_{$items['AccountUniqueStr']}/campaign_{$items['campaign_id']}/adgroup_{$items['adgroup_id']}/keywords.dat";//'UniqueKeywordID\tKeywordID\tKeyword\tBid\tAccountID\tCampaignID\tAdgroupID\tDestURL\tMatchType\tMinBid\tLanguage\tIsNegativeKW\tCriterionType\tQualityScore\tFirstPageCpc\tStatus\tPaused'$column_defines=@rtrim(array_pop(explode(':', fgets(fopen($path_file, 'r')))), "\\r\");$o_awk_query=new awk

Ccnworks - Cloud Condensation Nuclei and Parcel Model studies

Aerosol and cloud physics coding and other computation tests. Most of the code utilizes heavy use of Python, Numpy, Scipy, Cython, and matplotlib. 1D cloud parcel model code is accessed via browsing the source tab (/trunk/thesis) Please contact me if you have any questions or comments. Gökhan Severgokhansever@gmail.com http://pycloud.blogspot.com