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cparser is a library containing a parser, lexer and semantic analysis for the ISO C99 language. It should be used as a compiler frontend, a base for source-source transformation, or source-checker tools.



Related Projects

Metasm - The METASM assembly manipulation suite

Metasm is a cross-architecture assembler, disassembler, compiler, linker and debugger. It has some advanced features such as remote process manipulation, GCC-compatible preprocessor, automatic backtracking in the disassembler ("slicing"), C headers shrinking, linux/windows debugging API interface, a C compiler, a gdb-server compatible debugger, and various advanced features. It is written in pure Ruby. More information can be found on the Metasm web site

Pycparser - C parser and AST generator written in Python

pycparser is a complete parser for the C language, written in pure Python. It is a module designed to be easily integrated into applications that need to parse C source code. The following are some uses for pycparser, taken from real user reports: C code obfuscator Front-end for various specialized C compilers Static code checker Automatic unit-test discovery Adding specialized extensions to the C language pycparser is also referenced in a few academic theses and papers, mainly on the topic of p

Cdocr - Open standard for documenting C code.

cDocr will aim to provide an efficient standard method for documenting C functions. Code that is cDocr compliant will be parse-able by the cDocr engine that outputs a clean HTML page for viewing. This project hopes to create a widespread method of documenting C code, in a way that the coder documents as he goes along to ease the reading for other viewers of the code. Any subsequent viewer of cDocr compatible code should have the ability to comfortably grasp the code, through a more simple medium

Cillparser - CILLparser es un Intérprete de fórmulas matemáticas en Run Time.

En muchas ocasiones, se necesitan campos en los su contenido sea un cálculo, realizado sobre los datos contenidos en campos adyacentes. Este mecanismo a nivel de SQL se provee mediante los campos de tipo CALC, pero la fórmula que definirá dicho cálculo se describe en tiempo de diseño y no puede cambiarse durante la vida del programa. Nuestro parser, permite que la fórmula se defina en tiempo de ejecución y que se ejecute en tiempo de ejecución, de modo que sean los usuarios de las aplica

CParserFinal - Final version of CParser

Final version of CParser


interpret Lua (the C source code) in pure Python with PyCParser


C Parser Implementation


C99 parser and frontend for libfirm


A clean C parsing library for OCaml.