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XSLTWebControl is a custom asp.net control that generates a dynamic UI based on XSLT to display XML data and let users edit it. It is developed in C#.




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eLML - eLesson Markup Language

eLML (eLesson Markup Language) is an XML framework for creating structured eLessons based on a pedagogical model. eLML consists of an XMLSchema and XSLT files to create XHTML, PDF, LaTeX, IMS CP and SCORM versions, standards supported by most LMS.

Expath-pkg - Implementations of the EXPath Packaging System

NEW: The install of the Packaging System repository manager and its support for Saxon and Calabash is easier, thanks to a graphical installer! Just download and execute the file *-install.jar instead of downloading the ZIP file. The EXPath Packaging System is a system to package, deliver, install and use XSLT, XQuery and XProc libraries. It is defined by its own specification, which defines also a standard repository layout for such packages. This is an implementation of such a repository, provi

Core-xml - corexml for students

This is website that allow students learning XML and disscutl! At the end of this course, students will be able to: Outline the features of markup languages and list their drawbacks. Outline the features of markup languages and list their drawbacks. Define and describe XML. State the benefits and scope of XML. Describe the structure of an XML document. Explain the lifecycle of an XML document. State the functions of editors for XML and list the popularly used editors. State the functions of pars