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vit makes it very easy to build a complex website, it is base on mvc 3.0, it build a web page with many widgets. vit also provides those common utilities like log, cache, membership etc.



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Alveole Studio MVC Web Project

An eclipse plugin for graphically designing MVC j2ee web project. Designed for Struts 2 (extensible to other frameworks). This can be seen as an eclipse plugin for struts2.

DaVinci application framework for PHP

THE PROJECT HAS BEEN REPLACED WITH DaVinci4j! DaVinci is a generic framework for web applications implemented in PHP4. It's based on the MVC design pattern and features a common request handling interface, Data Management, Database-Abstraction, etc.

Captcha MVC

CaptchaMVC makes it easier for create captcha for you web-mvc project. It's developed in C#.

Phpmvcimgui - PHP, MVC and immediate mode web

Test project for my MVC and immediate mode testing

mvc-guice is a lightweight MVC web framework for Java

mvc-guiceSimple and lightweight. Pure Java config with Guice Modules. Centralized routes configuration. Utilizes static typing. Groovy templates for views. Note, project in development stage.

Angelsofarmageddon - The Angels of Armageddon

Angels of Armageddon website and related production and web projects

Extaspnet - using 3rd UI in aspnet webcontrols and aspnet mvc html utility

easy to use ui extender project for using 3rd UI in aspnet webcontrols and aspnet mvc html utility

Vinod-framework - PHP-Smarty based Framework on MVC pattern

This project is to develop a Framework, which can be used to develop PHP web application rapidly. This project is supposed to follow MVC architecture with databse abstraction layer. We'll be using PEAR packages in this project.