Visual Studio DSite

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This Project Site Will Have tons of Visual Basic 2008 and Visual Studio 2010 source Code. All Created By Daniel Lopez. I will be posted one every week or so. Please Rate when ever you download a program that I created please rate it.



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sharpdevelop - IDE for C#,VB.NET,Boo,IronPython

SharpDevelop is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for .NET Framework applications. It supports the development of applications written in C#, Visual Basic.NET, Boo and IronPython.


SharpSort is a plugin for VS that makes it easier for Visual Studio 2008 developers to maintain their code clean and readable at all times by grouping and sorting source code members. You can also define your own custom code layout or use predefined ones.

Product Key Generator

Generates lage quantities of product keys/serial #'s for any setup program made with a Visual Studio Setup Project. It's developed in Visual Basic (VB) 2005/2008.

Runescapetracker - An Open Source RuneScape Tracker

An open-source RuneScape skill tracker that is easy to install, and easy to edit.

Battlekingdom - Open source Runescape emulator using Netty and XStream.

This is a open source Runescape emulator using both Netty and XStream libraries for development. The server will be based on the revision 525 for up to date graphics and features. The source will contain everything a Runescape emulator needs.

Uberdungeon - UberDungeon - Runescape dungeoneering bot

UberDungeon is the one and only opensource dungeoneering bot for runescape, it runs on the extremely powerful RSBuddy platform.

Ubotsvn - µBot is an open source reflection bot for RuneScape.

µBot is a free, open source bot for runescape. It automates repetitive tasks within the game.