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Progetto personale per lo studio dei Pattern di progettazione




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Asphrin - Fast and easy Java application to create HTML and files on the fly.

Fast and easy Java application to create HTML and files on the fly. Tutorials!Asphrin is a great tool for creating HTML and files on the fly. It's open-source and can work on both Mac, PC, and Linux. To install Asphrin you'll need Java. First, download and extract Asphrin into a directory that you'll remember. For this tutorial, I will be using the Mac Desktop. Let's begin: Open up Terminal, and do the following: Change directory to the directory you have saved Asphrin: cd Desktopcd Asphrinlsasp

Miralium - Java implementation of Margin Infused Relaxed Algorithm

Margin Infused Relaxed Algorithm (MIRA), also called passive-aggressive algorithm (PA-I), is an extension of the perceptron algorithm for online machine learning that ensures that each update of the model parameters yields at least a margin of one. For details, see: Crammer, K., Singer, Y. (2003): Ultraconservative Online Algorithms for Multiclass Problems. In: Journal of Machine Learning Research 3, 951-991. Our java implementation follows CRF++ file formats and can be used for part-of-speech t

Blu-steam - Cp2011 Project

Cp2011 Project. Hey guys I linked in a tutorial that I used on how to do a chat program in C# using server and client. If you want to have a look to help get your head around TCP client/server. Link to the Wiki dbase link: manning3.jcu.edu.au/home/ga2010nm2301/j_team/CP2011/BluSteamServerDatabase.mdf

Xstandard-for-wordpress - A drop-in plugin that integrates XStandard WYSIWYG Editor into WordPress

Contributors: iroybotDonate link: http://contactsheet.de/donate.xhtmlTags: wysiwyg, authoring, editor, edit, rich editor, rich text editor, rich formatting, text formatting, css,valid, xhtml, html, tiny, replacement, backend, admin panel, admin cp, xml, xslXStandard Version included: at least: 2.7.1Tested up to: 2.7.1Trunk Version: 0.5Stable Version: -DescriptionIntegrates XStandard Editor into WordPress. XStandard is a standards-compliant, flexible and highly customizable WYSIWY

Tcztools - Extension Creation Tools for Tiny Core Linux

A set of scripts for easing the process of creating, submitting and maintaining extensions for Tiny Core Linux. Download & Installtcztools comes as a tcz extension itself so you can just drop it into your tce directory and load it: $ wget http://tcztools.googlecode.com/hg/tcztools.tcz -cP "$(cat /opt/.tce_dir)/optional"$ tce-load -i tcztoolsAlternatively, you can checkout the sources and run the included install script which will copy the files instead of mounting them: $ tce-load -wi mercurial$

Hunt3rstf2 - My custom Gamemenu

IntroductionSo after the Mac update, you had to type all the commands again into the console. Since I want to get that done quick I made some changes to the menu. DetailsFirst of all, put the files into Steam\\steamapps\\YOUR_ACCOUNT_NAME\\team fortress 2 To adjust the 3 servers, go to the gamemenu.res and search for fav1. Insert the IP and if needed, the password. If you have the rcon password, write it in there too. In “tooltip� you can put your desired server name (so instead of "Favorite

Ibm-cbc-genomic-tools - GenomicTools: a computational platform for developing high-throughput analyt

Contents Introduction Latest news License Installation Documentation Examples Citation References Contact IntroductionGenomicTools is a flexible computational platform for the analysis and manipulation of high-throughput sequencing data such as RNA-seq and ChIP-seq. GenomicTools implements a variety of mathematical operations between sets of genomic regions thereby enabling the prototyping of computational pipelines that can address a wide spectrum of tasks from preprocessing and quality control

orbital-leaflet - CP3108B: Independent Work (Orbital) Web Map API tutorial using Leaflet

CP3108B: Independent Work (Orbital) Web Map API tutorial using Leaflet