TAR - The automatic restaurant

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TAR (The automatic restaurant) facilita la gestione automatizzata per la preparazione e somministrazione di cibo e bevande nelle tipiche feste di paese.




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Apt-get-cygwin - simple package manage tool for cygwin

simply install, remove, find, and upgrade cygwin packages install apt-get: download apt-get.py cp apt-get.py /bin/apt-get chmod u+x /bin/apt-get use apt-get: make sure python, tar, gzip, wget is installed open apt-get , change the mirror into your favorite one and save apt-get update first if you never did this

Opengltemplates - Wizards for qt-creator related to OpenGL

OpenGL Wizards for the Qt Creator IDE. (And no, Qt is NOT a dependency) How to useGrab a download (from this page on the right side, or the left side...depending on google's mood), say foo.tar.bz2 Uncompress it somewhere, tar xvfj foo.tar.bz2 A 'foo' directory should have been created. Copy that directory to where Qt Creator needs it, cp -R foo location Start Qt Creator, and have fun :) location???Ok, here's what the docs say http://doc.qt.nokia.com/qtcreator-snapshot/creator-project-wizards.htm

Gsutil - A command line tool for interacting with cloud storage services

gsutil allows you to store, share and manage data hosted at cloud-based storage providers. It provides a simple Unix shell command-like syntax, operating over buckets and objects named with a URIs and wildcards. For example, the following command will retrieve all of the objects in the top-level directory of the bucket "gs://mybucket", and store them in ./local_directory: gsutil cp gs://mybucket/* local_directory At present gsutil works with Google Storage for Developers and Amazon's Simple Stor

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Descriptionlasexta4navi-x is a set of PHP scripts. It generates a PLX list with the last published videos from LaSexta (Spanish TV channel). So you can see "Buenafuente" or "El Intermedio" directly from your XBMC, using the Navi-X script. DownloadYou can download the stable version or you can download the development version (svn): Downloading stable versionYou can use "wget" to download it (or download it from "Downloads" tab): wget -c http://downloadlink.com/lasexta4navix-0.1.tar.gztar xzvf la

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在php语言中对libfetion库的�装 ( php 扩展形� ) 目�已�完�的接�目�已�完�的接�列表 接�的使用实例�步接���短信给自己<?php// file sendself.php// �始化if (false === fx_init()) die("init err");// 登陆飞信if (!fs_login("你的飞信id或者手机��", "飞信密�")) die("login err");// ��消�给自己if (!fs_send_sms_to_self("从libfetion-php��的消�")) die("send err");// 登出飞信fx_loginout();// cleanupfx_term

Vimide - 一个基于vim的�置与脚本组�的IDE安装程�

中文GuideCn EnglishGuideEn 如果有碰到jsl的问题 请查看jslErrorSolve 目标: 一个具有类似于IDE功能的容易安装的VIM 支��类常用的脚本 方便新手使用,节约�手的时间 脚本包�了中文帮助文档,minibuffer, taglist, tasklist, nerdtree等等 支�Mac, Linux, Windows 首先安装Vim 7.2或者更高版本。 对于Linux/Unix/Mac�说,我们�先安装exuberant-ctags, wget, unzip, Vim 7.x。 Ubuntu上安装上述程�的命令: sudo apt-get i

Effonetmsg - The Effo Network &amp; Messaging project; network communication and messaging.

Effo Home | Core | Add-ons | Framework | GPLed | Reports What's NewBug Fixing: 2009Dec05, Fixed a critial bug which causes CPU always busy - in codebase/addons/net/src/core/thrd.cpp, function CEpollThrd::OnRun() - by sleeping a short while if the queue is empty. See Download Effo NetMsg part of this page for following new item(s) details: 1. Effo NetMsg Milestone (Latest v0.1b6) - netmsg.tar.bz2 2. Effo NetMsg Framework Samples (Latest v0.1b6) - netmsg_framework.samples.tar.bz2 3. Effo Network a

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This project builds the Python bindings for audio device interface, speex codecs library and text-to-speech library for real-time voice communication. In particular it provides Python wrapper modules for the following projects: The RtAudio Project 4.0.8 The Speex Project 1.2rc1 The Flite Project 1.4 How to build?Instructions to build on Unix-based platforms including Mac OS X and Linux using Python 2.6. 1. Checkout the latest version of this py-audio project from SVN. $ svn checkout http://py-au

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Java client library for Douban APIs 安装方法�以选择直接下载编译好的jar包 或者 编译安装 下载安装1.下载douban-java-0.2.2-r34.tgz,解压缩(tar xzf douban-java-0.2.2-r34.tgz),�以得到commons-codec-1.3.jar,commons-httpclient-3.1.jar,commons-logging-1.1.jar,douban-java-0.2.2-r34.jar,gdata-client-1.0.jar,gdata-core-1.0.jar,oauth-1.3.jar,将这些包放在CLASSPATH�以找到的路径下 编译安装1.签出��: svn co http://douban-java.googlec

Bioseqlib - Bioseqlib is small library in C++ for bioinformatics applications.

BioseqlibVictor E. Bazterra Center for High Performance Computing University of Utah (2005) DescriptionBioseqlib is small library in C++ for bioinformatics applications developted at Center for High Performance Computing University of Utah. Originally, it was built as a part of a bigger project providing basics algorithms like memory management, sequence manipulation and dynamic programming. Since then, the library has grown little more including binary tree operations and some algorithms for ca