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Tail is a consoleapplication for windows that mimics the tail-function in UNIX. After getting tired of not being able to see changes of a logfile as they occur, Tail.exe was created




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Picnix Utilities

Picnix is a set of Unix-like commands for Windows. It has: cat, chmod, cp, df, diff, du, fgrep, grep, head, ls, more, mv, psort, rm, sleep, strings, tail, tee, touch, uniq, wc, which, and pmake, which is largely compatible with Gnu make, and faster.

Cl-blogger - Common Lisp interface to Blogger.com

CL-BLOGGER is a Common Lisp interface to Blogger.com, it also provide a convenient way to post a native muse file in emacs. Japanese document -> http://read-eval-print.blogspot.com/2008/04/blog-post_30.html Write with Emacs Muse and Post it to Blogger(Common Lisp interface to Blogger) Outline Anyway, I wanted to post from Emacs to Blogger. I wanted to write with Muse. Simple-hatena-mode was envied. Thus, I made this program. The following is possible. - Post a new entry. - Modify a entry which h