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Switch is a .Net port of the old Switch program written in VB6 (http://www.neovolve.com/?tag=/Switch).




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Moodle-qti-cp-fedora - Interconnect a Fedora repository with Moodle using IMS-QTI and IMS-CP formats

This project adds functionalities to Moodle to interconnect a Fedora repository and allow transfer of Moodle objects using IMS formats. Individual modules can be used separately if needed. Modules provide the following functionalities: export and import questions to/from IMS-QTI format export course's objects to IMS-CP format reimport IMS-CP files import objects from Fedora through the repository API export objects to Fedora through the portfolio API wizard to transfer course's objects to/from F

Opengltemplates - Wizards for qt-creator related to OpenGL

OpenGL Wizards for the Qt Creator IDE. (And no, Qt is NOT a dependency) How to useGrab a download (from this page on the right side, or the left side...depending on google's mood), say foo.tar.bz2 Uncompress it somewhere, tar xvfj foo.tar.bz2 A 'foo' directory should have been created. Copy that directory to where Qt Creator needs it, cp -R foo location Start Qt Creator, and have fun :) location???Ok, here's what the docs say http://doc.qt.nokia.com/qtcreator-snapshot/creator-project-wizards.htm

Jyield - Java continuations support similar to c# yield coroutines

jyield aims to provide java continuations support similar to c# yield coroutines. The methods annotated with @Continuable are transformed in runtime or optionally in compile time. FeaturesGenerators Continuations Chaining continuations Execution state serialization support Try catch blocks support Synchronized blocks support Code sampleSample.java import jyield.Continuable;import jyield.Yield;public class Sample { @Continuable public static Iterable<Integer> power(int number, int exponent) { int

Textmash - Editor with many features for comfortable work with text.

IntroductionTextMash is a text editor which aims to aid your work on text documents. It is written entirely in Java. It doesn't replace your default system editor since some features like text formatting or printing are not available. However it enhanced editing abilities by providing various text transformations, word suggesting, line numbering or highlighting. TextMash is also designed to cooperate with multiple instances of Clojure REPL. Running TextMashTo run textmash just enter to the folde

Dyn-css - A JavaScript library for changing colors (colors AND images) insinde CSS files on-the-fly

What is it?A JavaScript library which uses the Canvas (but offline generation is also supported) element for creating referenced images with another color on-the-fly in the browser. It also changes colors in the CSS file if it's a lighter or darker variant of the base color. Just the demo please!Here's a very simple demo (included in SVN) where you can change a background image and text on by setting a new color: Here's a real world example (which uses ExtJS; see it in HD; contains normal theme

Hb-search-demo - A project to show case hibernate search features

OverviewThis is a java swing based project to show case hibernate search features. The project is based on maven, so all you need to do is to check out the project, install maven and make sure the maven executable - 'mvn' is set in your PATH. Also, ensure that your JAVA_HOME is set to appropriate JDK installation. Modern IDEs (Netbeans, IDEA, eclipse) allow you to import a maven project and work seamlessly. Most interesting part is that, this project uses embedded derby. So, you do not require t

Fast-random-forest - An efficient implementation of the Random Forest classifier for Java.

What is FastRandomForest?FastRandomForest is a re-implementation of the Random Forest classifier (RF) for the Weka environment that brings speed and memory use improvements over the original Weka RF. Speed gains depend on many factors, but a 5-10x increase over Weka 3-6-1 on a quad core computer is not uncommon, along with a 1.5x reduction in memory use. For detailed tests of speed and classification accuracy, as well as description of optimizations in the code, please refer to the FastRandomFor

Win32chcp - Mercurial extension: switches the Windows console into an encoding actually used on outp

win32chcp is an extension to the Mercurial DVCS. The purpose of the extension is to help international Windows users obtaining readable Mercurial output on their consoles. See Getting Started guide for further details.

Pivotal-tracker-mylyn-connector - Mylyn Connector for Pivotal Tracker Project Management System

This is an eclipse plug-in that allows one to manage the stories in a Pivotal Tracker page on the public website. It allows one to edit the stories, reorder them, manage attachments, attach/retrieve Mylyn context, and optionally do branching and switching based on the story ID. Basic SetupCreate an account at www.pivotaltracker.com Edit your Pivotal Tracker Profile, and generate an API Token Create one or more projects in Pivotal Tracker Install this Eclipse Plugin (Add Update Site, using the UR