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This is a complete library to parse and generate swf (Flash) files. It also converts to and from the homebrew 'Vex' format, which is used as an intermediate format. Vex can then generate xaml, and wmf files as well as swf files.




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Fsch - Adobe Flex + Ant tasks + Compiler SHell = Fastest compilation.

Flex Compiler SHell integration with Apache AntCurrent version 1.0.133 Post your feature requests hereHow it worksDownload and install FCSHServer. Set environment variable FCSHServer={application directory, e.g. C:\\Program File\\Fcsh Server\\}. Edit server.ini file: setup Flex SDK location (e.g. sdk=C:\\Flex_sdk_3.0) or modify Flex Compiler SHell vmoptions Application directory contains fcsh.jar file. So example ant build.xml is: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><project name="project.main

Cpinterface - its the cp interface

//---------------------------------------------------------------------- //Symbol 874 MovieClip [Packages.com.clubpenguin.stamps.StampBookCover] Frame 0 //---------------------------------------------------------------------- class com.clubpenguin.stamps.StampBookCover implements com.clubpenguin.stamps.IStampBookCover { var coverItems, colourID, highlightID, patternID, claspIconArtID; function StampBookCover (coverItems, colourID, highlightID, patternID, claspIconArtID) { this.coverItems = cover