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this is SQLite project.




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Clickquest - The source code for the game ClickQuest (www.clickquest.net)

Every piece of source code for the game, save for passwords. PATCH NOTES 1.0 Base release buggy slow not really meant to be heavily used Added Admin CP can mess with clicks, ban, promote to admin, set color, etc Tried to limit hacking Click throttling (Hagios Nerf) massive banning nerfs everywhere Added statistical data stats.php -> Leaderboard colorwheel.php -> All possible variations mobile.php -> Non-Working mobile version, discontinued level.php -> The clicks required for each level, and how

Archivefs - An archival and backup file system for Linux using FUSE.

AboutArchiveFS is a FUSE file system used for archiving and backup. Its primary function is to ensure that multiple copies of a file are only represented as a single file. The representation of the file system is intentionally kept simple and consists just of a single SQLite3 database file and table (which can be dumped into a text file), together with a directory full of files. The file system is not intended for general purpose computing, but mostly for copying data in and out. It seems to be

X10cm19a-lightswitch - Web-based controller for turning on devices via CM19A Linux device.

Project descriptionThe X10 Lightswitch is free and open-sourced Web-based controller for turning on devices via CM19A Linux device. A brief overview of what this project does is it will send commands to the x10-cm19a driver via a AJAX front-end. This project can be useful to you, if you are looking into a home automation solution with the ability to control your power sources from your computer, mobile devices or touch screen panels via a AJAX-enabled browser. Uses PHPAjax libraries and also nee