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SPELL: SharePoint Progressive Enhancement Lightweight Library The SPELL library adds features on top of existing SharePoint pages. It mainly relies on page scraping to discover the existing content. Spell (paranormal), the claimed art of altering things either by super...




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Hip-tools - Tools for browsing Russian Orthodox service texts, implemented in HIP standart.

Ру��ка� вер�и�Hip-tools - набор ин�трументов дл� работы � бого�лужебными тек�тами Ру��кой Право�лавной Церкви. В на�то�щее врем� имеет�� библиотека тек�тов в �тандарте HIP (опи�ание ниже), и ин�трументы: индек� и пои�к. Библиотека �оздана на базе архивов, до�тупных на www.orthlib.ru. Б

Convert-folder-into-executable - Convert Folder into Executable

Convert Folder into ExecutableIf you have one big folder with lots of scripts. You can convert this folder into one-click installer using this "Script" -- you need to have Nautilus for it. It is possible to create better cross-platform GUI for it but I do not have time to do it. DownloadDownload it --- http://code.google.com/p/convert-folder-into-executable/downloads/detail?name=Convert%20Folder%20into%20Executable.run What is This ??Many a time, I write some scripts or create software.. Install

Mn-spell - Mongolian spelling dictionaries

Эн�хүү тө�өл нь н��лтт�й �х�д тулгуурлах бөгөөд OpenOffice, Kile, Lyx, WinEdt, Gedit, Mozilla Firefox г�х м�т программуудыг монгол х�л д��р ашиглахад х�р�г болох үгийн алдаа х�нах боломжийг х�р�гл�гчд�д бүрдүүлн�. OpenOffice д��р үгийн алдаа за�ахаа� гадна CP1251 болон Unicode хооронд үү��х кодчиллын а�уу