Haozes snippet

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Some code snippet of haozes




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Enlight - A PHP e-zine system.

I wrote Enlight for an e-zine I wanted to set up. Because of outside influences I couldn't continue the project however. It was te become open-source under the GPL license. It won't be finished ever I think, so I'm releasing this under the MIT so everyone can copy snippets from it and use it for their own needs. I would like to see it finished someday however! :)Alright, what is has now:- An api-system for admin control.- A CrewCP, very basic still does nothing.- A working front page and news sy

Csv2qif - Small utility to convert csv files provided by a bank to quicken interchange format.

Many german banks provide an export of a customers account statement in CSV format (e.g.http://www.vr.de/ or http://www.sparkasse.de/). Unfortunatly CSV is not importable by software as gnucash or kmymoney. The project is a commandline tool which does the conversion and gives the user the opportunity to change imported data based on some pattern matching rules in an xml file. The current state of the project is a maven project, which build an executable jar. The jar is able to convert the output