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cp1-sim enables the user to simulate the famous KOSMOS CP1 educational computer from the 1980's on any PC or Mac. Give us some feedback! :)

Java CardioPulmonary SIMulations

jCpSim (Java CardioPulmonary Simulations) is a set of Java packages for simulation of human physiology (respiration, circulation, ...) and of medical therapy (ventilation, ...). Creation of user interfaces and therapy optimization is supported.

Echo-nest-java-api - A Java API for the Echo Nest web services

This is a Java API and assorted tools and helpers for the Echo Nest API (at Note - for a version of the API that works with Version 4 of the Java API see jEN-api Table of Contents The Echo Nest API OverviewGetting StartedCode ExamplesRunning the examples The Echo Nest API OverviewThe Echo Nest API is divided into two sets of methods: Artist methods and track methods. Artist MethodsSome of the Echo Nest artist capabilities: get a list of the hottest artists search for art

Cp2013-trafficlightsim - Traffic Light Simulation assignment for CP2013

Traffic Light Simulation assignment for CP2013, James Cook University. Group members: 1. Yuna Surya Tanu as Lead Programmer and Project Manager 2. Mardian Witiono as Database Programmer 3. Sim Shi Hui as Documenter 4. Jessica Natalia as Documenter Project Hostings tools - Google Code Communication tools - Email, Messenger, meeting in person Version control tools - TortoiseSVN 1.6.11, Build 20210 - 32 Bit Documents and Diagrams tools - Microsoft Word Software Development tools - Microsoft Visual