Shibboleth IdP Loader for ADFS

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A PowerShell script to load Shibboleth federation IdPs as ADFS trusted claims provider



Related Projects


Guanxi is a JAVA implementation of the SAML Spec and complies with the Shibboleth Profile extensions developed as part of an Internet2 project. Guanxi's main purpose is to faciliate inter-institutional Authentication/Authorization/and Accounting services.

Limesurvey-shibboleth-server-authentication - Adds Shibboleth authentication to Limesurvey

This is an extention to Limesurvey adding Shibboleth authentication. Note that authentication is done by the web server and that the identity provider is not called directly. While authentication has been implemented for Shibboleth any other authentication methods done at the web server level should work as well. Project contains a template for SWITCH.

Joomla-shibboleth-server-authentication - Adds Shibboleth authentication to Joomla

Project adds Shibboleth authentication to Joomla . Pluging do not called directly the IdP but instead relies on the web server authentication mecanism. Development has been done for Shibboleth but should work with any authenication mecanism based on the web server authentication.

I2b2-shibboleth - Front-end to add Shibboleth authentication to the i2b2 web client

JSF application that checks for user Shibboleth credentials before allowing access to the i2b2 web client. If the user is not currently logged in, then they will be redirected to their local Shibboleth log-in page. The user's unique identifier from their local identity provider is stored as the i2b2 user.

Mahara-shibboleth-server-authentication - Authentication plugin for Mahara using web server authenti

This is an authentication plugin for Mahara. It relies on the web server for authentication. The plugin has been designed to work primarily with Shibboleth but should work as well with other web server based authentication schemes. It includes a template for SWITCH.

Simplesamlphp - An authentication framework for PHP. Focus on SAML 2.0.

A PHP implementation of SAML 2.0 service provider and identity provider functionality. And is also compatible with Shibboleth 1.3 and 2.0. Go to the simpleSAMLphp project page for more information and documentation This work is licensed under a Creative Commons GNU Lesser General Public License License.

I2b2shib - Federated Access to i2b2 using Shibboleth Authentication

i2b2Shib was created to allow end users at collaborating institutions access to a single i2b2 instance without the need to create new usernames and passwords for the users.

Gridcertlib - Shibboleth authentication for X.509 certificates and Grid proxies.

GridCertLib is a Java library providing services to create a SLCS/X.509 certificate and a Grid proxy (optionally VOMS-enabled), given the SAML2 assertion resulting from a Shibboleth2 authentication. The library comes with some example servlets (cf. package ch.swing.gridcertlib.servlet) that provide sample code to use the GridCertLib features in a Java web services environment. The main use case envisioned for GridCertLib is to provide seamless and secure access to Grid/X.509 certificates and pro