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Umbra FX is a graphical node based tool that allows a technical artist to author effects for use in a DirectX9, DirectX10 or OpenGL application.



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Crystalamp - Windows Audio Player using Direct3D and bass, with custom playlist.

Screenshots Featuresnew in version 1.04 (16 July 2010) font sizes (playlist and others) whole view loading/saving (window postion, size, visualization etc.) voice print visualization type version 1.02\t(1 March 2010) supported audio formats: WAV,FLAC,OGG,MP3,MP2,MPC,APE,WV,WMA global Hot Keys via Windows Hook large Visualization (fft/oscilloscope) using Pixel Shader 2.0 song Rating (-3..+5, can be saved in filename), visible as symbol and background in one line rating Filtering in playlist (hide

grafika - Grafika test app

- The renderer is trigged by Choreographer to update every vsync. If we get too far behind, we will skip frames. This is noted by an on-screen drop counter and a border flash. You generally won't see any stutter in the animation, because we don't skip the object movement, just the render.- The encoder is fed every-other frame, so the recorded output will be ~30fps rather than ~60fps on a typical device.- The recording is letter- or pillar-boxed to maintain an aspect ratio that matches the