Speech Exceptions Toolkit

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SET is a small framework that allows developers to manage in an organic and convenient exceptions that you can get the use of the Speech API of Windows Phone 8




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Remotecp - TrackMania dedicated server manager / webinterface

What is remoteCP?remoteCP is a TrackMania dedicated server manager, it helps maintaining your maps, players, server settings and many other things. Please note that remoteCP-4 wont support the old Trackmania Original and Trackmania Sunrise Servers! You should use remoteCP-3 for this servers, the supported feature-set is nearly completed. Important information for remoteCP-4 usersIt is possible to open and read all XML Files (in some case also .bat and .sh) in any webbrowser, by directly calling

Blackboard-cas - CAS-based single sign-on backend for Blackboard

CAS 2.0 Authentication for Blackboardblackboard-cas is a CAS authentication module for Blackboard. It utilizes the CAS 3.1 client library in order to connect to CAS 2.x/3.x servers (using the CAS 2.0 protocol). blackboard-cas is based on CasAuthenticationModule, developed by the University of Bristol. ConfigurationBefore building, you should edit the settings in build.properties. Settings include: blackboard.home: The path to your Blackboard instance. blackboard.java.home: The path to the JDK us

web-cp is a web hosting control panel that has been built from the start for and by web hosting comp

web-cp is a full-featured, open source web hosting control panel written in PHP and released under the GPL. It consists of 4 control panels: personal, domain, reseller, and server. The personal control panel allows users to update their personal information, change their password and set their spam control settings. The domain control panel allows domain owners to add new users, aliases, subdomains, domain pointers and databases. The resellers control panel allows resellers to add or modify thei

Nettool4j - Tools for Internet Protocols in Java

Tools for Internet Protocols in Java. To begin a TCP redirect type de following command: java -cp nettool4j-x.x.x.jar net.woodstock.nettool4j.socket.TCPRedirectConsole -sp 9999 -dp 3306 -dh localhostWhere: -cp setting classpath for netttol4j, nettool4j-x.x.x.jar is the nettool4j package and x.x.x the version -sp is source port -dp is destination port -dh is destination host The sample above create a redirect listering on port 9999 to MySQL port running on localhost.

Csmake3d - A Library for generating complex 3d objects

csMake3DcsMake3D is a library for making complex 3d object in a simple way. I don't want to make a big library with thousand of classes and functions, but a small set of tools easy to use and fast to learn. Currently I'm managing math stuff with Sharp3D.Math http://www.codeplex.com/Wiki/View.aspx?ProjectName=Sharp3D The 3D rendering in the test Project is done with csgl http://csgl.sourceforge.net and with irrlicht.net CP http://irrlichtnetcp.sourceforge.net Features :csMake3D Let you to... - Ve

Php-google-translator - a google translator wrote by PHP.

installdownload zip file, and extract it. wget http://code.google.com/p/php-google-translator/downloads/detail?name=php-google-translator.zipunzip the file you downloaded gunzip php-google-translator.zipcopy the file to /usr/local/bin. sudo cp ./translator.php /usr/local/binchange the file mode to executable sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/translator.phpmodify your shell setting (if you are using bashrc) vim ~/.bashrcadd this line to your bashrc file. alias translate='/usr/local/bin/translator.php'

Enlight - A PHP e-zine system.

I wrote Enlight for an e-zine I wanted to set up. Because of outside influences I couldn't continue the project however. It was te become open-source under the GPL license. It won't be finished ever I think, so I'm releasing this under the MIT so everyone can copy snippets from it and use it for their own needs. I would like to see it finished someday however! :)Alright, what is has now:- An api-system for admin control.- A CrewCP, very basic still does nothing.- A working front page and news sy

Symbiansmsparse - parse n73 Symbian messaging files into components

I've kept all sent&recv sms on the same memory card over many years, until eventually the old n73 took 30+seconds to open a message! So I took a cp -rp of Private/1000484b/Mail2/ and wrote this perl script to walk the datafiles. Hope its of some use to someone TODO better message parsing telephone contact lookup hook as_xml output to/from flag VCF and MMS handling CAVEATS the date/time of the SMS is determined from the filestamp mtime. requires no additional perl modules but is currently set to

Java CardioPulmonary SIMulations

jCpSim (Java CardioPulmonary Simulations) is a set of Java packages for simulation of human physiology (respiration, circulation, ...) and of medical therapy (ventilation, ...). Creation of user interfaces and therapy optimization is supported.

Ucpc - PHP Framework for Rendering Web Objects

uCpC (for lack of a better name) is a framework for rendering web objects in PHP programaticaly. The desire to create such a framework was born out of my frustration of spending time writing HTML, making sure it worked in varying browsers, and repeating the same Javascript over and over again for similar reasons. uCpC in its infancy back in 2004 was simply a classic ASP set of functions that on the server side created an onclick="..." Javascript function that basically instantiated an XMLHTTP re