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A Website Search Engine and Crawler written in C#.



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Ming-search - ming - handy fulltext indexing

my ever princess, ming Heart And SoulMing, a handy fulltext indexing engine implemented in pure python. With only 1 module file and no 3rd party API dependencies. Support fields, highlighting, probability, and so on... This will be your handy tool for your amazing minds. Newsversion 0.2 (Optimized Index Storage (chose bsddb) & many changes) will release soon! Examples(more info can be found at ming import *m=Ming()'ram')doc0=['the'

Searchgui - graphical user interface for proteomics identification search engines

SearchGUINews What is SearchGUI? Download Using SearchGUI In Other Tools From the Command Line Database Help User Defined Modifications Result Analysis Troubleshooting SearchGUI Publication: Vaudel et al: Proteomics 2011;11(5):996-9. If you use SearchGUI as part of a paper, please include the reference above. PeptideShaker: To visualize and analyze the search results we recommend the use of PeptideShaker. OMMSA Parser and X!Tandem Parser: For developer access to the search results we recommend t