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Kiwi-url - A URL shortening script.

This project uses PHP and MySQL to make a url shortening script, similar to TinyURL. This is still in production. Developed by Andrew Page. Currently coded features • Url shortening (no duh. :D) • admin panel (features like delete redirect, ban user, turn service on/off, etc.) • user registration • registered users get access to all their created redirects • admin panel can change amount of redirects a user gets. • users can be deleted via User CP or admin CP • Admin CP is password

web-cp is a web hosting control panel that has been built from the start for and by web hosting comp

web-cp is a full-featured, open source web hosting control panel written in PHP and released under the GPL. It consists of 4 control panels: personal, domain, reseller, and server. The personal control panel allows users to update their personal information, change their password and set their spam control settings. The domain control panel allows domain owners to add new users, aliases, subdomains, domain pointers and databases. The resellers control panel allows resellers to add or modify thei

Cp30siprox - SIP Proxy

The SIP Proxy server written in Java. Use Jiplet Container Architecture. It can be embedded with Python Script to maximize potentials

Osfilemanager - osFileManager PHP File Manager

osFileManager is an open source file management script written in PHP. Includes User CP, Admin CP, and many basic file creation/modifying tools. File Functions include: List, Open, View, Edit, Create, Upload, Rename and Move. User Functions include: Change password, and Change color scheme. Admin Functions include: New user, Edit user, Delete user. osFileManager requires PHP 4 or greater, and MySQL 3 or greater. If your webhost does not support either of those, consider signing up for one that d

Rsync Incremental Backup Script

RIBS is an incremental backup system written in PHP which utilizes some common *nix programs (specifically rsync, ssh and cp).

Customized-payload-for-iplus - A ruby script customized for iPlus 2.0b

iPlus 2.0b is an iphone jailbreak software which can install packages while jailbreaking . This ruby script used for making with on-line customize source server like Touch ps: now, only support for Mac and must have installed ruby interpreter prerequisite iplus2.0b package list url or local package list file unzip download iplus 2.0b, and copy to cp iplus/ cpg/payload_source.zipif using local file ./g

Couchdb-fuse - CouchDB FUSE File System

A FUSE interface to CouchDB. From the blog post: Use CasesIf you've read My Couch or Yours? Shareable Apps Are The Future by jchris, this is a great time-saver if you want to edit HTML, JavaScript, CSS or even image files directly using your favourite editor. Uploading large numbers of files repetitively through Futon or even via a Python prompt becomes tedious very quickly: drag'n'drop or cp * is the way forward! InstallationYou need the following: Python FUSE bindings CouchDB-Python 0.5 or gre

Symbiansmsparse - parse n73 Symbian messaging files into components

I've kept all sent&recv sms on the same memory card over many years, until eventually the old n73 took 30+seconds to open a message! So I took a cp -rp of Private/1000484b/Mail2/ and wrote this perl script to walk the datafiles. Hope its of some use to someone TODO better message parsing telephone contact lookup hook as_xml output to/from flag VCF and MMS handling CAVEATS the date/time of the SMS is determined from the filestamp mtime. requires no additional perl modules but is currently set to

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