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Scoreboard is a simple sports and/or activities scoreboard which can be used for a variety of purposes It was developed for use with a 1024x768 projector and features home and away scores, countdown clock, even a buzzer. It's developed in



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Communitytf2hud - Custom Competitive TF2 HUD

MANNIVERSARY UPDATEMade everything work with the new update UBER UPDATEFixed all of the scoreboards in ui/addons Made everything work with the new update GRANARY UPDATEFixed a bunch of stuff nobody will ever notice Enjoy. CHRISTMAS UPDATEFixed all the fonts for the new update All the colors should be back to normal Added some scoreboards Fixed a bunch of small stuff nobody is going to notice ENGINEER UPDATEAdded Extine's eXTV Spectator HUD in tf/resource/ui/addons Fixed broken KOTH HUD finally M

Lucastf2hud - A Mod Of FrankenHUD, Made By Lucas

Changes From FrankenHUD:Adjusted the Target ID's to not clip through the "Gravelpit" control point layout Added outlines on health numbers on Target IDs, Spectator HUD, etc Added CommunityHUD's CP Icons Repositioned the Tournament spectator HUD to be on the right side of the screen like the eXtv spectator HUD Adjusted the health bar on Target ID's to show full overheal Added Eve-TF2-HUD's Spy disguise menu Moved The Huntsman and Stickybomb charge meters to the center-ish of the screen Custom tra