Resources Over MVC

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Resources Over MVC provides extensions for ASP.Net MVC to support the typical features of a REST web service. These include support for multiple representations, encodings and a number of ways of overloading POST. Regardless of your opinion of what makes a RESTful service, the...



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Android-bluez-ime - A Bluetooth IME system for connecting gamepads to your Android

This project aims to create a framework for Bluetooth input devices on the Android platform. The current version supports the Zeemote JS1, MSI Chainpus BGP100, Phonejoy and iControlPad. Please create a new issue if you want another device to be supported. Wiimote support is ready, but many devices lack the L2CAP ability and thus cannot communicate with the Wiimote. See issue #7 for more information. The version on Market does not have Wiimote support because of this, but the version on the downl

Armware - This is an ARM emulator

For more information, please see the "Wiki" page.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FeatureFor the Serial Console You can input commands in the serial console. For the emulated environment ARMware now can emulate the ARM architecture version 4 Instruction Set. Add a dynamic compiler. Add a threaded code optimization technology. Brief IntroductionARMware, like VMware or Bochs, is an emulator for a hardware platform. Opposite to the x86 plat


Icon pack to theme the icons orange for aocp to be built in with the rom.

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Type: CountJump (Failed) Direction: Forwards Distance: 242.630950 MaxSpeed: 319.906494 (51.184) PreStrafe: 268.722167 Strafes: 6 Sync: 78 Jump Edge: 8.385944 Sync Gained Lost MaxSpeed 100% 8.736 0.000 277.458 2. 65% 16.653 0.318 293.794 3. 81% 14.440 0.752 307.482 4. 67% 5.937 4.223 309.195 5. 86% 5.859 1.485 313.569 6. 92% 6.336 0.092 319.906 Pink Floyd : /colorchat Jarmen Kell dropped Welcome to Cs.FreeArena.Ru Jump Mod _Inet41k_ : /colorchat Welcome to Cs.FreeArena.Ru Jump Mod _Inet41k_ : /co