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Cpe591segway - Resources for a DIY segway / self-balancing scooter

This project contains code, documentation and other resources to support the development of a self-balancing scooter. The project is a result of the CpE 591 robotics class at West Virginia University, spring semester 2009.

Stereogigapan - GigaPan Stereo Imaging Project

GigaPan Stereo Imaging Project SummeryGigaPan is a system that consists of a robotic camera mount that uses a standard digital camera to capture a grid of pictures of a scene and custom software that stitches that grid together into a very high- resolution (gigapixel and up) panoramic image. Building off this technology, Stereo GigaPan (with backing from West Virginia University and NASA/Ames Intelligent Robotics Group) modifies the camera mount to support an additional consumer-grade digital ca


Robotics Code for CpE391 Senior Project


Controls iRobot and added sensors for CpRE 288

Badrobot - bad.robot


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