RIA Library - Custom Controls and Themes for Silverlight

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Custom controls and themes for Silverlight




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Silverlight Toolkit

Silverlight Toolkit and Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit are a set of Microsoft components for developers.

The Windows Phone Toolkit

A collection of standard controls, animations and helpers for creating beautiful and consistent WP7 & WP8 apps

Silverlight-class-library-controls - This is a project which is used to show users how to create mul

This project is one which will show users how to create custom Silverlight 2.0 controls which can contain individual theme definitions, and be referenced from other class library definitions.

Amazings WPF Controls

This project is the portal for accessing a lot of amazing WPF controls. It's developed in C# 4.0 with Visual studio 2010 ...

Silverlight Extensions

Free silverlight controls library

Silverlight Ribbon

A silverlight implementation of the Office 2007 Ribbon control.

Image Wall Control for Silverlight

A control for Silverlight that emulates the wall of images in the Zune.

Silverlight OutlookBar Custom Control

The Silverlight OutlookBar Custom Control is an attempt at an OutlookBar style control using Silverlight 4. The control borrows heavily from code in the Silverlight Toolkit source code but is NOT a Silverlight Toolkit control and is NOT by a member of the Silverlight tool team.