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Quote Widget is a ASP.Net User Control which helps to display a Quote from a list of quotes on your ASP.Net Website.




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Quasi Python Shell

Quasi is Yet Another Python Shell, but with a twist. It supports pluggable quot;contextsquot; for non-Python commands, such as OS commands, MySQLdb queries and external programs. At last you can write: for x in `os ls *.py`: `os cp $x my_backups`

Osbulletin - A fully customizable, complete open source forum solution.

Currently in the planning stages, osBulletin will be a complete open source forum solution. It will provide an alternative to commercial forum solutions, like Invision Power Board and vBulletin.Many features are planned, including the following features:On the front-end:- AJAX-powered Quick Reply, editing, inline moderation, and multi-quote- Personal Messages with Conversations- User Control Panel with Profile Options- Signatures- Avatars- Contact options(E-mail, MSN, AIM, Yahoo, ICQ, Skype, Goo

Vim-sztool - Yet another java development environment write in { "java" , "vim script

代�已��往 githubhttps://github.com/shrekwang/vim-sztool 终于有文档了http://vim-sztool.googlecode.com/files/SzTools.pdf (�)一个vim java 开�环境需vim的python支�, 在winxp+vim73+python2.7 和 fc12+vim73+python2.6中日常应用 其他环境未测 功能包括(但��于): Jdext jde 功能,实现补全,编译,�行等功能 jdb 集�的java调试功能 shext 实现了 ls, cp, mv ,mkdir, rm 等命令 tree 项目树, �绑定类似于NerdTree. �以显示引用

Session-scala - Session types for Scala

Welcome! session-scala is an extension of the Scala programming language, containing: A small library for parallel/distributed programming, with syntax similar to Scala Actors, currently supporting shared-memory and AMQP communication. A compiler plugin that checks processes against an associated multiparty session type, written using the Scribble specification language. Multiparty session types are global descriptions of a communication protocol between several participants. Here's a simple ses

Rtgui - Web based front-end for "rTorrent" - the Linux command line BitTorrent client

rtGui - A web based front-end for rTorrentrtGui is a web based front end for rTorrent - the Linux command line BitTorrent client. It's written in PHP and uses XML-RPC to communicate with the rTorrent client. For more information on rTorrent, see the home page: http://libtorrent.rakshasa.no/ FeaturesList all torrent downloads or by started/stopped/complete/incomplete/seeding status. Ajax-style refresh information without reloading page. Sort view by any of the displayed columns. View detailed tor

Gtk-vpnc - Graphical client for "Cisco-compatible VPN client".

Graphical client for "Cisco-compatible VPN client". / Программа дл� VPN �оединени� по�ред�тву "Cisco-compatible VPN". Available languages: / Языки: English / Ру��кий Screenshots: / Скриншоты: Installing: / У�тановка: In Ubuntu > 10.10, run this command at first / В Ubuntu > 10.10 �начала выполните команду: $ sudo cp /bin/sh{,.bak} && sudo cp -f /bin/bash /bin/shпо�ле / after: $ cd /usr/src/ && sudo wget ht

Dvthanh-java - Learn "Java"

Learn Java Begin : 17/05/2010 - End : 24/07/2010 GUIDE Faculty : Võ Thanh SÆ¡nClass : CP201003A - Hue Aptech Reviews :Learn Java By Example Session 1 : Introduction To Java (Giá»›i thiệu vá»� Java)Session 2 : Variables and Operators (Biến và toán tá»­)Session 3 : Decision - Making and Iterations (Lệnh rẽ nhánh và vòng lặp) Session 4 : Introducing Classes (Giá»›i thiệu vá»� lá»›p) Session 5 : Arrays (Mảng) Session 6 : Packages and Access Specifiers (Gói và thành phần chá»

Django-nav - Quick simple navigation groupings

OverviewGoalsCreate a extensible, non intrusive, fast system for generation navigation groupings. ReasonWhile there are several systems already out there for crating navigation menus, tabs, etc, they all (That I have found) fail at one or more of my goals. I want to create a system that any django app can use so that it's default navigation appears or disappears in an existing site based only on having the application in INSTALLED_APPS or not. ImplementationTo meet the goal of non intrusive, and

Stream-m - A HTML5 compatible WebM live streaming server

stream.m a WebM live streaming server stream.m is created to be an open source solution for streaming live video right into the web browser using the HTML5 video tag and Google's WebM video format. The current version is a working prototype, which showcases the main ideas. The main design goal is low resource usage. Has a web interface with a realtime bandwidth monitor (with the resolution of 1/10 of a second) for spotting network congestion. Also supports simultaneous streams (channels). Note:


This is a small program which runs in your system tray and replaces "smart quotes" and other characters normal HTML documents may have problems with as they are copied to your clipboard.