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Pyramid is a software simulation (at the electronics level) of a computer system based on balanced ternary and trivalent logic. It's developed in c# for .NET 3.5.



Related Projects


Tunguska is a ternary computer emulator. The goal is to provide a relatively easy-to-use platform, reminiscent of an early PC, for people who want to experience and experiment with ternary computing hands-on.

Dotnet-ternary-search-tree - bug free implementation of ternary search tree in .net

Ternary Search Tree is my favorite data structure. I want to implement TST: without bug, complete support near-neighbors algorithm and great performance. Thus, I do this and I will share it.

Php-ternary-search-tree - PHP Ternary Search Tree

PHP implementation of a ternary search tree. It's pretty slow at loading large data sets but once loaded it is very fast at searching them. Loading the example data file in a ternary tree written in C takes a couple seconds. It takes just over 30 seconds using the PHP tree and uses ~380MB of memory. Searching the PHP ternary tree is around .0001 to .0002 seconds. These numbers come from an IBM blade running Fedora with 3GB of RAM and dual 3.2GHz Xeons.

Ternary-search-tree - A C++ package that implements ternary search tree, which combines the time eff

This package includes files of TernarySearchTree class. Ternary search tree stores keys in sorted order, which can be used as a symbol table. Searching operation is lightning fast, it is reported comparable with hashing table in most cases, and substantially faster than hashing for unsuccessful searches. Ternary search tree gracefully grows and shrinks, unlike hash table which usually use an array and need to be rebuilt after large size changes. Advance operations such as traversal to get sorted

Pternary - Triangular (ternary) plotting with Python

Pternary draws points, lines, and polygons on a triangular (ternary) graph. It has a graphical user interface written in Tkinter. It requires Python 2.3 and Tkinter, which should come pre-installed on Mac OS X 10.4+ See the README page (on the right) for more. The latest version of the script is available under the Source tab - see changes.txt for what's new.

Binary-convert - Number system conversion

Binary Converter is a small Windows Forms Application that converts between ASCII text, binary, Hexadecimal, Octal, Decimal, and many other positional numeral systems, like ternary, pentadecimal, and septemary. Written in VB.NET. Also includes class for inclusion in your project.

Ngrams - A package in C++ for character or word ngram analysis. It uses Ternary Search Tree instead

This is a ngrams package in C++, which can be used for character or word ngram analysis. It uses Ternary Search Tree instead of hashing table for faster ngram frequency counting. Words are converted to unique IDs and encoded to more compact base 256 integers. It is a simplified implementation of Dr. Vlado Keselj's Text-Ngrams 1.6, which is a very flexible Ngram package in perl. See more information at How to use it: 1. download and save th

Rescue-svn - Nominalizer

Application that uses a TST and the "noisy channel transformation" technique, to learn transformation rules between verbs and nouns and apply it to transform verbs to nouns.