Public Web Browser

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Public Web Browser is a webbrowser client with alot of features



Related Projects


Citadel is a collaboration suite (messaging and groupware). It provides support for Email, Calendaring/Scheduling, Address books, Bulletin boards, Mailing List Server, Instant Messaging, Wiki, Multiple domain support.

Isaac Image Browser

A simple web gallery script in PHP. Its claim to fame is that it's implemented in a single file that requires no installation - it can simply be copied to a publicly accessible directory containing images on a PHP-enabled web server.

Horizon-site - Horizon - JavaScript web-site

Web-site engine implemented only with JavaScript and public web services

Poema Website Builder

PWB to zaawansowany system przystosowany do zarządania portalem WWW o dowolnej tematyce. Pozwala na elastyczne tworzenie struktury opartej na hierarchii drzewa oraz jednoczesną pracę nad treścią wielu ludziom. Dokładne informacje na stronie domowej

Protocols - A library to apply web protocols

If the network is the computer, then protocols are its application programming interfaces. This library provides JavaScript practical implementations of a few web protocols. It is sponsored by Collibra.

Httprsasolution - A RSA-Encrypted secure transfer solution for HTTP connections.

Save private keys in local cookie. Send public keys by cookie, encrypt web content, browsers use javascript decrypt messages.

Npr-bookmarklets - NPR Bookmarklets provide handy ways of interacting with and the NPR API u

NPR Bookmarklets are intended to be used by both fans of NPR on the web, as well as journalists and web developers looking to do useful and interesting things with NPR (and public radio's) great web content.

Flyui - A library of Javascript widgets and applications for fruit fly functional genomics

FlyUI is a library of javascript widgets and applications for interacting with genomic data on the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster. It is designed to provide a user interface library for working with publicly hosted genomic data available through RESTful APIs and hence amenable to dynamic Web applications.

Typism - web-based font editor

typism is a web-based font editor. It is a public site where anyone can create a font for others to use and to study, to modify and to copy. You write the description of a typeface, design the outlines of a glyph, track the development history and publish any revision in human-readable format to store locally. All it takes to run it is a browser supporting a few open standards. Visit the homepage.

Umarks - A bookmarking and url shortening service built wtih Spring Java + Spring Roo

uMarks is a bookmark manager and personal URL shortening service. It is meant to be hosted on your own servers and provide public/private bookmark management and URL shortening like and others. Why run your own URL shortening service? Bookmarks can be removed You manage the service (no wondering if a public URL shortening service will go down and break all of your links) Privacy & Web Statical Integrity The project will first implement a simple REST-ful url management platform then e