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Kiwi-url - A URL shortening script.

This project uses PHP and MySQL to make a url shortening script, similar to TinyURL. This is still in production. Developed by Andrew Page. Currently coded features • Url shortening (no duh. :D) • admin panel (features like delete redirect, ban user, turn service on/off, etc.) • user registration • registered users get access to all their created redirects • admin panel can change amount of redirects a user gets. • users can be deleted via User CP or admin CP • Admin CP is password

Cp3003-g18-11 - Dream: Your Ultimate Virtual Online Shopping Experience

Is your life boring…? Are you stressed…? Do you toil at work day-in day-out with minimum return for your efforts…? Is there too much reality in your life…? Do you Dream for something more…? Well Dream no longer… The No-Namers endeavors to deliver to our audiences the ultimate virtual online shopping experience sure to capture your every “Dream.�#11;#11; Our extensive product range offers a diversity of Dream packages stretching from your perfectly indulgent holidays, right through to a

Zend-cp - Controle de Produção de Camisas Online escrito em Zend Framework (PHP)

ObjetivosO projeto zend-cp tem como primeiro objetivo ser implantado em uma fabrica de abadás, camisetas para adultos, para crianças e camisas baby-look. (Levantamento inicial dos requisitos) Como segundo objetivo, ser um projeto robusto para ser usado por qualquer um que queira usá-lo para controlar a produção de sua fábrica. FuncionalidadesSerá online e terá controle de acesso. As etapas de produção cobertas pelo software: Design (concepção do produto) Fotolito Revelação ImpressÃ

Shmup - A shoot-em-up game called Explosions!

Explosions! A shmup game created for windows primarily. Linux, BSD, OpenPandora, and OSX ports are on the way. The game features 4 action-packed levels with 8 weapons,bosses,bombs, and explosions! by ReturnZero games. blog: API's used: "SFML" window,graphics,and audio. for creating the window, drawing to the screen, and sounds. "Lua" for scripting levels. "LuaBind" for binding lua and c++

Cp2004-jc166789 - Assignment 1

Allow a manufacturer to create a list of required inventory based on what is scheduled for production. - Product (or product item) – something that is produced by the manufacturer. - Inventory item (or just inventory) – something that is requited for the manufacturing of a particular product.

Cp3046petstore - This is pet shop system.

这是一个宠物店系统,系统有PHP,my sql等语言组�。 系统包括很多功能,譬如:店主&用户的登录,店主销售窗�,店内货�的进货&剩余查询,店内产�月销售�记录,用户个人资料修改,用户购买记录查询,以�用户其他�务查询等等。 本系统有强大的数�库支撑,并实时与客户进行交�。 This is a pet system supported by PHP, my sql and other languages component. System includes many features, suc


Our project is to make a portal for Lanke Biotech Co., Ltd in Shanxi province which is major in developing and selling medicines and health care products.

2010sp52cp2013group4 - JCUS SP52 Software Engineering, Group 4 project

For Group 4 Anh-Barbara-Katy-Tun Tun Project outline: Documentation and implementation of a mini Supply Chain Management System. It allows a manufacturer to check on his own product status and place orders on necessary inventories to manufacture products on schedule.

Cp-3110 - This is a project about SCMS

Aosi Li Garments Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City is a creative, design, plate making, presentation, production, customized apparel as one of the professional production company. Mainly produces all kinds of hotels, guest houses, shopping malls, companies, factories, banks, schools, performing arts, business groups uniform (wear, overalls, security services), high-end suit, shirt, promotional clothing, T shirt clothing line. Our garment factory is located in Buji, Shenzhen, Hubei Baofeng industrial ar