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This is a open code progamme. It's like a ACM/ICPC dudge programme.It Can compile and test the programme that user's code compiled online. ???????ACM/ICPC?????



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Aerobatic Contest Registration System

An online registration system for aerobatic contests that supports basic registration, student registration, team registration, judge voting, volunteer role selection, practice slot reservation, and on-line payment via PayPal.


chsns# is a basic sns web application

Filia-judge-online - An ACM/ICPC Judge Online System

Project Name: Filia's Judge OnlineAn ACM/ICPC Judge Online SystemWritten In Python ,using Karrigell

Acm-problems - ACM Contest Problems

ACM Problems on UVa Online Judge System

Sojv2 - soj suse online judge

this project is suse online judge system version 2

Openoj - An Online Judge System

An Online Judge System based on hustoj. See:

Oj-submitter - A Service For Automatic Submit Problems on Each Externel Online Judge System

A Service for automatic submit problems on each externel online judge system,and get the result.

Chsword Project

Chsword project is a collection of chsword's projects.