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NVelocity is a port of very propular open source java template enginee framework,velocity 1.6. NVelocity is a pure .Net library written in C# which currently targets Framework version 3.5.




Related Projects


chsns# is a basic sns web application

Nvelocitycompiler - NVelocity的编译

基于NVeloctiy(http://www.codeplex.com/NVelocity) 针对ASP.NET MVC 使用NVelocity ViewEngine进行的编译优化。 TODO:公共组建的开�,BUG的修改


DataLite is a DAO generator to sqlite using nvelocity. Generate test with Unitest. You can use in small proyect or for learning.


PSAdmin is a web based administration tool that allows the easy execution of Windows PowerShell scripts within your environment.


A code generator application that makes use of the NVelocity template engine to generate code/scripts from a database. Initially developed to fill the gap left by the lack of Castle ActiveRecord generators/templates.

NVelocity - A .Net Template Engine

NVelocity is a template engine written in C# for .Net that is a port of the popular Java project Velocity (http://jakarta.apache.org/velocity).

Simplevelocity - Creating Reports and Views using NVelocity Framework [ASP.NET Web Forms]

The ProjectSimpleVelocity is a support framework between Web Application (Asp.NET) and the famous View Engine NVelocity from Castle Project. With SimpleVelocity you'll have: flexibility, simplicity and facility for create reports and views. For using this framework you need HTML knowledge and work with C# or VB.NET. You'll also need to know the basic sintax from framework. The framework view concept if compared with the view engine from NVelocity does not reach your totality. Nevertheless, it's

Instrus99 - Multi Tier ASP.NET Web Application in ALT.NET way

This is a Multi Tier ASP.NET Web Application created by following the best design principles using enterprise class open source frameworks and libraries. This is the result of my recent experience in creating a Enterprise class ASP.NET web application for a well known company in the Globe using Nhibernate, Spring.Net, NVelocity, Cruise Control.Net, Subversion SVN, AnkhSvn, YUI Library, JQuery etc.


SharpTemplate.NET is a lightweight general-purpose template engine for .NET 2.0. * Template syntax is fully customizable * Support for loops, conditionals, macros and full C# expression parsing