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Djfacet - An easy-to-use faceted browser built on top of Django's ORM

From 2012 DJFacet development has moved to check there for the latest version of the code. This gCode site will continue to be used for community management, support and downloads. SummaryDjango Faceted Browser is a django application that allows you to navigate your data using an approach based on 'dynamic taxonomies', also called 'facets'. Faceted navigation is arguably the most significant search innovation of the past decade, and it's being us

Gedit-click-config - Gedit plugin to allow configuration of mouse-click text selections

DescriptionThis plugin provides configurable text selections based on single or multiple left mouse button clicks, i.e., single click, double click, triple click, quadruple click, quintuple click. For example, a double click can be set to select names that include underscores, or a quadruple click can be set to select a paragraph. Latest2011-01-03 Version 1.3.0 is ready. This fixes Issues 7, 8, and 9. For  Issue 8 , the configuration file is now stored in ~/.config/clickconfig, and the "Browse t

Django-nav - Quick simple navigation groupings

OverviewGoalsCreate a extensible, non intrusive, fast system for generation navigation groupings. ReasonWhile there are several systems already out there for crating navigation menus, tabs, etc, they all (That I have found) fail at one or more of my goals. I want to create a system that any django app can use so that it's default navigation appears or disappears in an existing site based only on having the application in INSTALLED_APPS or not. ImplementationTo meet the goal of non intrusive, and

Xul-vlc-dreambox - An xul application to watch dreambox and switch between channels

Xul Vlc Dreambox Player This application will help you to watch your dreambox, just like you are watching your TV. No need for web interface. What this application provides: Navigate through the available services provided by your dreambox. Mark channels as favourites. An http service to connect to it, so you can use lirc and your remote control to control it. what do you need: a dreambox, i have tried the dm500+, with the enigma interface, I have not tried other interfaces xulrunner 1.9.3* a Li

Mobilefinder - Finder application for the iPhone

MobileFinderDescriptionAn official SDK version of MobileFinder is available! See This MobileFinder is not the official MobileFinder available from the App Store MobileFinder is a filesystem navigator for use with iPhones which have been jailbroken running iPhone OS version 1.1.4 or lower. MobileFinder is celebrating over 1,600,000 downloads to date! MobileFinder is part of a larger collection of tools in the MobileStudio NewsVersion 2.0 of iPhone OS has removed support f

Stereogigapan - GigaPan Stereo Imaging Project

GigaPan Stereo Imaging Project SummeryGigaPan is a system that consists of a robotic camera mount that uses a standard digital camera to capture a grid of pictures of a scene and custom software that stitches that grid together into a very high- resolution (gigapixel and up) panoramic image. Building off this technology, Stereo GigaPan (with backing from West Virginia University and NASA/Ames Intelligent Robotics Group) modifies the camera mount to support an additional consumer-grade digital ca

Ess-tracebug - Tracing and debugging R code in ESS.

An emacs package for interactive debugging and error tracing for ESS. Ess-tracebug is now part of ESS SVN and the documentation below refers to this version. Ess-tracebug in this google.code repository works with version 5.14 or earlier of ESS and is incompatible with ESS SVN, ActivationManual Installation for Version 5.14 or lower of ESSNote on KeysCheat sheetError TracingNavigationTraceback BufferVisual DebuggerBreakpointsConditional BreakpointsLoggersDebuggingFlag/Unflag for DebuggingWatch Wi

Pivotal-tracker-mylyn-connector - Mylyn Connector for Pivotal Tracker Project Management System

This is an eclipse plug-in that allows one to manage the stories in a Pivotal Tracker page on the public website. It allows one to edit the stories, reorder them, manage attachments, attach/retrieve Mylyn context, and optionally do branching and switching based on the story ID. Basic SetupCreate an account at Edit your Pivotal Tracker Profile, and generate an API Token Create one or more projects in Pivotal Tracker Install this Eclipse Plugin (Add Update Site, using the UR

Crystalamp - Windows Audio Player using Direct3D and bass, with custom playlist.

Screenshots Featuresnew in version 1.04 (16 July 2010) font sizes (playlist and others) whole view loading/saving (window postion, size, visualization etc.) voice print visualization type version 1.02\t(1 March 2010) supported audio formats: WAV,FLAC,OGG,MP3,MP2,MPC,APE,WV,WMA global Hot Keys via Windows Hook large Visualization (fft/oscilloscope) using Pixel Shader 2.0 song Rating (-3..+5, can be saved in filename), visible as symbol and background in one line rating Filtering in playlist (hide

Postexperiments - My PostGIS Projects

PostExperiments is a common place for my personal projects related to PostGIS (geographic objects to the PostgreSQL object-relational database). You are welcomed to share your ideas, post your comments and patches to improve this functions, or send your suggestions directly to the PostGIS development mailing list. These are just experiments, some things has been committed to the PostGIS trunk and others will be committed soon. Materialized Views SupportThis is a project sponsored by Google for t