Morph Protocol

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The Morph protocol is a cross platform, application level protocol for object oriented languages. Because Morph is so modular it enables many features such as two way RMI, streaming, stronger security and many more features. It is also compact for mobile devices.



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Chipmunk-spacemanager - Objective-C wrapper for chipmunk with Cocos2d-iphone helper objects

Chipmunk SpaceManagerSpaceManager was designed specifically to target chipmunk for use on the iphone in conjunction with cocos2d-iphone. It should be known that SpaceManager can run independently of cocos2d. Also packaged are Cocos2d specific "helper" objects for handling the drawing of shapes, constraints, and sprites (AtlasSprites too) and the connection they have with their chipmunk counterparts. General FeaturesSimplified Objective-C interface to Chipmunk Separation between Active and Static