Meson Simulation Platform

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Meson is a unified platform providing real-time 3D visualisation, 3D physics simulation and scripting capabilities for use in video game and other interactive applications. It is developed in C++.



Related Projects

Orbiter Visualisation Project

Orbiter Visualisation Project - Development of external 3D render engines for Orbiter Space Flight Simulator.

Converter from grib to Vis5d

The program grib2v5d converts the content of a grib file (a format used for exchanging meteorological model fields) into a file that can be viewed with Vis5d, a popular program for 3-D visualisation of meteorological fields.

NIF File Format Library and Tools

NifTools aims to provide users with Tools to View, Edit, Create and Visualise 3D Models stored in the NetImmerse File Format. The NIF format is used by many popular games based on the NetImmerse/Gamebryo Game Engine such as Morrowind, Oblivion, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas and Skyrim. We are creating a unified description of the NIF file format allowing our contributors to build tools and utilities, to facilitate user created content. The tools will allow users to: - View/Edit/Visualise t

Backbone-d3 - Simple visualisations of backbone collections via d3 visualisation library

Simple visualisations of backbone collections via d3 visualisation library

Nepovito - Network Post Visualisation Tool

this project aim to provide a post-visualisation tool in a 3D environnement. The main idea is to recognize some protocols by a typical comportement displayed in a cube. ScreenshotsRendering of a live network capture from a single host

Vimrid - ViMRID: Visualisation of Magnetic Resonance Imaging data

The primary aim of ViMRID is to visualise magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data in a way that is helpful to medical students. The tool to be created by this project is to be used by Oncology students so that they may identify tumours more accurately. The source code features: OpenGL MRI visualisation environment 3D stereographic functionality An image processor and filter for convolution DICOM image data structures A custom DICOM TCP client and server

Visualisateur-3d - logiciel de visualisation d'objets 3D basique

Le progamme permettra de visualiser des objets 3D chargés à partir de fichiers texte contenant la liste des sommets des triangles composant l'objet. Il sera possible de naviguer autour de l'objet avec la souris. Le programme sera réalisé en Python sous Linux avec une interface Qt et un affichage OpenGL.

Color Map Visualizer

A Silverlight project based on the Vector Visualizer that helps to visualize color palette in three dimensions

Magic-table - A JavaScript library for table-based visualisation of data

A Magic Table By Dr Greg Ross See more of your data at a glanceThe Magic Table is a JavaScript library that allows you to see more in your data by applying some simple visual techniques to transform a table. More information and examples can be found here. See also... Excel RangeFinder.An overview+detail visualisation for navigation in Excel spreadsheets JavaScript voronoi.A pure JavaScript implementation of a Voronoi tessellation JavaScript 3D surface plotting.A pure JavaScript implementation o


A 3D scene graph engine on WebGL for engineering and data visualisation applications