Cp-mega88 - CP/M running on AVR ATmega88 with i8080 emulation

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What is this?This is an i8080 emulator running on ATmega88, and on which CP/M can run. Specificationto be written Software TestYou can try to run CP/M on POSIX environment. Build% hg clone https://cp-mega88.googlecode.com/hg/ cp-mega88% cd cp-mega88% make -f Makefile.posixBoot CP/MFor booting, you need a CP/M disk image named 'sdcard.img' in current directory. i8080 I/O configuration of CP/Mega88 is compatible with z80pack. So you can use the image for z80pack (see following external resources section). % tar zxvf z80pack-1.17.tgz% ln -s z80pack-1.17/cpmsim/disks/library/cpm2-1.dsk sdcard.img% ./cpmega88booting CP/Mega88 done.memory write test: 65535/65535memory address test: 65535/65535SDC: okFAT: error(02)EEPROM: initCP/Mega88>bA>_In addition to CP/M raw disk images, you can use FAT formated SD CARD images which include CP/M disk images. In that case, you should mount CP/M disk images before the boot command. % ./cpmega88booting CP/Mega88 done.memory write test: 65535/65535memory address test: 65535/65535SDC: okFAT: FAT16EEPROM: loadCP/Mega88>ls -rw- DISK1.IMGCP/Mega88>m DISK1.IMGA: DISK1.IMG okCP/Mega88>bA>_Monitor CommandsCP/Mega88>helpmonitor commands r : reset b : boot CP/M 2.2 wp : file system write protection a : auto boot mr : memory read from mw , : memory write to so : sdcard open sd : sdcard dump block buffer sf : sdcard fetch block ss : sdcard store block ls : file listing cd : change directory m : mount image disk vt : vt100 compatible modeHardware Testto be written Schematic Internal Resourcespin assignment development log slides demo movie LT slides External Resourcesz80pack ... Unfortunately, official site is offline now. Please check this thread of comp.os.cpm.




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