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meetig manage for gov



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Fabr3c - facebook meets rcp client

fabric client platform - as described in the summary - eclipse's rcp is crossed with the facebook platform and fabric is concieved - the first r3cp -- (reliable, restful, rich) client platform :) a vanilla rcp app that invokes the facebook platform's rest api's. the code base adheres to all the layering conventions that are found in a typical rcp app -- the model, core, ui, jface viewers, workbench and platform layers.

Ucpc - PHP Framework for Rendering Web Objects

uCpC (for lack of a better name) is a framework for rendering web objects in PHP programaticaly. The desire to create such a framework was born out of my frustration of spending time writing HTML, making sure it worked in varying browsers, and repeating the same Javascript over and over again for similar reasons. uCpC in its infancy back in 2004 was simply a classic ASP set of functions that on the server side created an onclick="..." Javascript function that basically instantiated an XMLHTTP re

Meetingscheduler - Constraint-based meeting scheduling

We apply constraint programming for flexible and customizable meetings scheduling using Google calendar and a CP solver.

Onlineairwayticket - Online Airway Ticketing System developed for CP5620 Assignment

This project is developed to meet the requirement for the Assignment One of the Module CP5620. This project implement an Online ticketing system for Users of a small start-up airline in Singapore. It allows the users to view and book ticket for there travel and the Managers of the airline to Manage the ticketing prices and other details. This website will also allow an Administrator to manage the Managers account.

Cp3110g23 - Booking Online

Rent a book management system needs to meet the demand from the three areas, these three were borrowing books, bookstore staff and bookstore managers. Books borrower needs is a book stored query book, personal loan situation and personal information changes; bookshop staff who borrow books to borrow and return books required to operate, while the formation of Jieshu or return books to borrow who view confirmed statements ; bookstore management functions of the most complex, including staff, borr

Cp2013-trafficlightsim - Traffic Light Simulation assignment for CP2013

Traffic Light Simulation assignment for CP2013, James Cook University. Group members: 1. Yuna Surya Tanu as Lead Programmer and Project Manager 2. Mardian Witiono as Database Programmer 3. Sim Shi Hui as Documenter 4. Jessica Natalia as Documenter Project Hostings tools - Google Code Communication tools - Email, Messenger, meeting in person Version control tools - TortoiseSVN 1.6.11, Build 20210 - 32 Bit Documents and Diagrams tools - Microsoft Word Software Development tools - Microsoft Visual

Pivotal-tracker-mylyn-connector - Mylyn Connector for Pivotal Tracker Project Management System

This is an eclipse plug-in that allows one to manage the stories in a Pivotal Tracker page on the public website. It allows one to edit the stories, reorder them, manage attachments, attach/retrieve Mylyn context, and optionally do branching and switching based on the story ID. Basic SetupCreate an account at Edit your Pivotal Tracker Profile, and generate an API Token Create one or more projects in Pivotal Tracker Install this Eclipse Plugin (Add Update Site, using the UR

Django-nav - Quick simple navigation groupings

OverviewGoalsCreate a extensible, non intrusive, fast system for generation navigation groupings. ReasonWhile there are several systems already out there for crating navigation menus, tabs, etc, they all (That I have found) fail at one or more of my goals. I want to create a system that any django app can use so that it's default navigation appears or disappears in an existing site based only on having the application in INSTALLED_APPS or not. ImplementationTo meet the goal of non intrusive, and

Clearparser - This project provides several NLP tools such as a dependency parser, a semantic role l

This project provides several NLP tools such as a dependency parser, a semantic role labeler, a penn-to-dependency converter, a prop-to-dependency converter, and a morphological analyzer. All tools are written in Java and developed by the Computational Language and EducAtion Research (CLEAR) group at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Important NoticeThe ClearParser project is going to move to a bigger project called ClearNLP during the Q2 or Q3 of 2012. Here are expected changes in the Clea

Armware - This is an ARM emulator

For more information, please see the "Wiki" page.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FeatureFor the Serial Console You can input commands in the serial console. For the emulated environment ARMware now can emulate the ARM architecture version 4 Instruction Set. Add a dynamic compiler. Add a threaded code optimization technology. Brief IntroductionARMware, like VMware or Bochs, is an emulator for a hardware platform. Opposite to the x86 plat