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this is the Maps project.



Related Projects

Cp3120jcu - Mind map for phone running symbian 60 OS.

For use in CP3120 assignment. See also

Remotecp - TrackMania dedicated server manager / webinterface

What is remoteCP?remoteCP is a TrackMania dedicated server manager, it helps maintaining your maps, players, server settings and many other things. Please note that remoteCP-4 wont support the old Trackmania Original and Trackmania Sunrise Servers! You should use remoteCP-3 for this servers, the supported feature-set is nearly completed. Important information for remoteCP-4 usersIt is possible to open and read all XML Files (in some case also .bat and .sh) in any webbrowser, by directly calling

Tw-qvm - TremWars QVM

SVN FeaturesThis wiki page shows changes made to Lakitu7's QVM introduced in TremWars QVM. Up-to-date as of SVN 39. Administrator Commands!adminlog Output a log of administrator commands used throughout the current map. !drop Silently drop a player from the server with a 'Disconnect' message. !fireworks Play the current maps ending animation (e.g. fireworks in ATCS). !flag Grant a player rights to a flag. !ghost Remove previous instances of yourself from the server. !listmaps Output a list of ma

Csmake3d - A Library for generating complex 3d objects

csMake3DcsMake3D is a library for making complex 3d object in a simple way. I don't want to make a big library with thousand of classes and functions, but a small set of tools easy to use and fast to learn. Currently I'm managing math stuff with Sharp3D.Math The 3D rendering in the test Project is done with csgl and with CP Features :csMake3D Let you to... - Ve

Cp3110assign1 - CP3110 assignment 1

Assignment 1 Student to Teacher Mind map

Joops - Oops! - find missing Java dependencies via bytecode analysis

Oops! 0.9.1 released on Nov 5, 2007!Oops!Oops! is a simple program to find missing dependencies. You can specify a single class to search, a list of classes, or Oops! can even map the entire class path for any and all missing pieces. Oops! will descend into every referenced class, recursively searching for references and verifying them against the specified class path. AbstractIf you depend on 3rd-party code directly, your code will not compile unless you include it directly in your class path.

Wogomo-tremulous-mod - Tremulous Mods

WoGoMo's QVMIntroductionThis is a project to bring new mods to Tremulous which the developers are either too busy or do not feel are urgent or important to implement. Currently this mod contains the following patches: Alternative Layouts and Intermissions Patch Adds options to map-related commands and votes to choose layout for the map. Adds the ability to change intermission points (what you see prior to spawning) for aliens, humans and spectators. TK Wars Patch Adds a special game mode for Tea

Cpcrslib - CPC libraries for z88dk

ASM Libraries for CPC under z88dk (and SDCC) News05/21/2012 cpcwyzlib for SDCC released. 11/28/2010 cpcrslib with horizontal scrolling capabilities is uploaded. From now, there will be 2 official libraries: one for scrolling and one for static screen. Although the scrolling one can be used to for static screens, because it has been improved for scrolling, when static using it is a slower than the "standard" one. Horizontal scroll example included. 11/15/2010 Bug in cpc_WyzPlayer corrected. When

Jruce - MapReduce implementation in Java

DescriptionThis is a Java implementation of the MapReduce concept. The main goal is to provide robust implementation in terms of usage and simplicify of used technologies and design patterns. Implementation doesn't relay on Java features like RMI or Reflection so it can be easily rewritten to other languages, like C++ or python. It doesn't use any other third party libraries so it is very light. The API is very simple and looks like this one used in reference documentation about MapReduce by Goo

Astir - Astronomic Image Rendering

ASTronomic Image RenderingA new release is coming, everything was rebuilded (with a new kernel) (French section below) Astir is an interactive shell which gives couple of functions of image processing and image rendering. Functions are specially design to enhance astronomic images from pictures or videos. Purpose of this project is to give powerful functions to any amateur astronomers. The blueprint of Astir is to design complete feature of mosaicing, super-resolution, filtering, analysis, etc.