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Manta is an ASP.NET web application and WCF Windows Service that provides full administration capabilities for the hMailServer product. In addition, the project will expand to provide a web based interface for end users to compose and manage their email.



Related Projects

Aspnethmailserver - web client for the hMailServer 3.5 web client for the open source mail server hMailServer

oMail (hMailServer Webmail)

This is an open-source version of OElite Webmail (oMail) is is part of the OElite platform. hMailServer was also natively supported in this project.


NetServer is a pack of servers for Windows NT/2000/2003/XP, controlled and configured by an easy to use interface designed for the project which will run in the systray. This includes Apache+PHP, MySql, Filezilla FTP Server, hMailServer and PHP scrip

Hmailserver-backup - Command line Backup of hMailServer

Command line backup of hMailServer with only a short interrupt if you use the integrated MSSQL/MySQL database and no interrupt if you use real MS SQL Server

Myroundcube - RoundCube Plugins

<<@VERSION:0.7.1>> MyRoundcube PluginsYour comments are appreciatedComments CRITICALNo critical issues known LICENSEGNU GPL News:plugin_manager To install this plugin is the only way to get updates for this bundle. Do not download bundled release from the download section here. Since Roundcube 0.7.2 bundle > v1.0 updates have to be directly fetched from the mirror server by using plugin_manager! SKINSlitecube-f by Unlock For Us Volunteers wanted !!!I have to maintain much too much plugins. If yo


This is a mirror of the hMailServer SVN

hMailLogParser - An library and GUI for parsing and viewing hMailServer logs

An library and GUI for parsing and viewing hMailServer logs