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Joops - Oops! - find missing Java dependencies via bytecode analysis

Oops! 0.9.1 released on Nov 5, 2007!Oops!Oops! is a simple program to find missing dependencies. You can specify a single class to search, a list of classes, or Oops! can even map the entire class path for any and all missing pieces. Oops! will descend into every referenced class, recursively searching for references and verifying them against the specified class path. AbstractIf you depend on 3rd-party code directly, your code will not compile unless you include it directly in your class path.

Simple-cassandra-monitoring - Simple http service to request data about a cassandra node

Only for 0.7.x at the momentBased on previous work from smeet, it allows easy cassandra monitoring from tools like zabbix, which doesn't have a native jmx agent. It's a bit rough, but it does the job. Usage:Run in your cassandra node using as classpath the lib folder from cassandra and the monitor jar. For example, if you have cassandra in /usr/local/apache-cassandra-0.7.4you should run it like this java -cp "/usr/local/apache-cassandra-0.7.4/lib/*":simple-cassandra-monitoring-1.0.jar

Xerblin - A completely general human-computer interface.

Xerblin is a completely general Human-Computer interface. It provides a single metaphor for interacting with computers that's simple enough to teach to children yet provides facilities that are useful to advanced programmers. It can integrate all levels of software from the Desktop to assembly language. There are three basic user-facing elements to a Xerblin system. Stack - a place to put objects for user manipulation. This is similar to a Clipboard but it can hold more than one item at a time.

Hip-tools - Tools for browsing Russian Orthodox service texts, implemented in HIP standart.

Ру��ка� вер�и�Hip-tools - набор ин�трументов дл� работы � бого�лужебными тек�тами Ру��кой Право�лавной Церкви. В на�то�щее врем� имеет�� библиотека тек�тов в �тандарте HIP (опи�ание ниже), и ин�трументы: индек� и пои�к. Библиотека �оздана на базе архивов, до�тупных на Б

Miralium - Java implementation of Margin Infused Relaxed Algorithm

Margin Infused Relaxed Algorithm (MIRA), also called passive-aggressive algorithm (PA-I), is an extension of the perceptron algorithm for online machine learning that ensures that each update of the model parameters yields at least a margin of one. For details, see: Crammer, K., Singer, Y. (2003): Ultraconservative Online Algorithms for Multiclass Problems. In: Journal of Machine Learning Research 3, 951-991. Our java implementation follows CRF++ file formats and can be used for part-of-speech t

Whms - A web hosting management system (web-based).

This is a web hosting management system. We can help you managing you web hosting services.And you member can apply for your hosting in our system. Although we cannot connect the DA/CP at this moment, we are now providing remote support system so that you can give customer support.(Live Time!) And the most important is, it's mostly free!

Cp3046-3047-group1 - car website

Today's socio-economic development gradually, people's lives have become well-off. Motors has become the universal means of transport are. Automobile industry also developed. The Car sales, after-sale also has become very critical. Customers want on the network this platform to establish a platform for the exchange of their buyers.

Metadatafs - File system for multimedia files

IntroductionFUSE based filesystem that generates a directory tree based on the multimedia files metadata. FeaturesReads id3 information from mp3 files(TODO ogg, flac) The scanning of files is done on another thread File operations like mv or cp, updates the id3 tag TODO The source directory is monitored through inotify to update the directory tree live Usage examplemetadatafs ~/media/mp3/ ~/media/metadata/#> ls ~/media/metadataAlbum Artist Files Genre Title#> ls ~/media/metadata/Artist/Archive D

Stream-m - A HTML5 compatible WebM live streaming server

stream.m a WebM live streaming server stream.m is created to be an open source solution for streaming live video right into the web browser using the HTML5 video tag and Google's WebM video format. The current version is a working prototype, which showcases the main ideas. The main design goal is low resource usage. Has a web interface with a realtime bandwidth monitor (with the resolution of 1/10 of a second) for spotting network congestion. Also supports simultaneous streams (channels). Note:

Postexperiments - My PostGIS Projects

PostExperiments is a common place for my personal projects related to PostGIS (geographic objects to the PostgreSQL object-relational database). You are welcomed to share your ideas, post your comments and patches to improve this functions, or send your suggestions directly to the PostGIS development mailing list. These are just experiments, some things has been committed to the PostGIS trunk and others will be committed soon. Materialized Views SupportThis is a project sponsored by Google for t