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this is the Linux project.



Related Projects

VirtuoCP (formerly Vtonf)

VirtuoCP is a Virtual private server (VPS) control panel. It is designed to perform VPS operations in a GNU/Linux server having OpenVZ virtualization technology. VirtuoCP is a Free software distributed under GPL license.

ISP Control Panel

ispCP is a project founded to build a Multi Server Control and Administration Panel without limits. This Control Panel should be usable by any Internet Service Provider (ISP). This project is a fork of the stalled VHCS.


NOTE: This SourceForge project is now *obsolete*, and has now moved to Savannah, please visit:

Exero CMS

A Powerful Content Management System that runs on PHP, Mod_Rewrite, the MySQL Database. Exero CMS has an easy to use AdminCP that allows the admin to create/edit or delete Pages, Blocks and Items(links,images,polls) and Modules.


FileUniq identifies duplicate files, and optionally removes them or replaces them with hard or soft links. It is designed to work well with heavily hard-linked cp -al / rsync backups. For more information please see

Cp304xjcu - Student Day Planner for Symbian 60 phones, written in python.

Year long project for CP3046 and CP3047. See also

Pyspcp - Hosting CP on Python (Django)

Hosting CP written in Python (Django). Features: - Web hosting CP - VDS CP (VirtualBox, VmWare)

Perlio-via-preparecp - PerlIO filter for CP-1251 encoding

PerlIO::via::PrepareCP1251 is a PerlIO layer filter to prepare unicode stream to be encoded in cp1251 codepage.