KISS Architecture

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This project is dedicated to creating an architecture based on the KISS principle, but still conforming to Einstein's maxim that "everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler."



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Checkibm - Nagios plugin to check ibm products

2012-03-25Remember not to miss, as is probable they will develop new code, fix some other, and maybe. maybe one day we could be as one: For now I'm glad we all share code trough GPLv3. Thank you guys for keeping the free software spirit. 2012-03-20I added to was.agent2, scripts to compile,run,pack,and run the packed: In order out of the box, you will need to c

Yang-li-spaghetti-hacks-archive - Misc Hacks Archive

Here are some of Yang’s latest spaghetti hacks. Nothing is really new indeed. Feel free to reuse/recycle at your wish. Happy new year J Index\tScript Name\tFunction Description\tVersion\tYear 1\ - Batch Cisco Audit Tool. A driver script version 0.1. Batch script to drive CIS Router Audit Tool (RAT) on multiple Cisco devices in one shot. This batch script depends on 'RAT' audit tool and audit s file. Audit rule file 'cisco-pix/local.conf' - could be created by 'ncat_config' comma