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Description: A simple (but entertaining) ASP.NET MVC (C#) project to suggest random code names for projects. Intended audience: People who need a name (any name) to get started with their projects. Application written during Webcamp Singapore (4th Jun 2010 - 5th Jun 2...



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Burstsort4j - Cache oblivious sorting algorithms in Java

AboutBurstsort4j is a Java library containing a collection of string sorting algorithm implementations, initially inspired by the Burstsort algorithm. BurstsortBurstsort4j contains an implementation of both the original Burstsort, which is quite fast but not particularly memory efficient, and the engineered Burstsort, which is extremely memory efficient and close to the speed of the original in most cases. Burstsort typically outperforms other string sorting algorithms for most data sets. Both s

Obiran - Obiran - Outil de backup incrémental en Ruby

A proposSauvegarder régulièrement les données est un réflexe à avoir car le monde numérique peut être impitoyable: imaginez toutes vos photos depuis 5 ans disparaissant suite à un disque dur cassé ! Le mieux est d'automatiser cette tâche, aussi j'ai développé OBIRAN - Outil de Backup Incrémental en Ruby ('Obiran Kenobi, vous êtes notre seul espoir' (Princesse Leila, Starwars IV) ). Ce script en langage Ruby permet d'effectuer des sauvegardes incrémentales en utilisant rsync, ssh e

Wogomo-tremulous-mod - Tremulous Mods

WoGoMo's QVMIntroductionThis is a project to bring new mods to Tremulous which the developers are either too busy or do not feel are urgent or important to implement. Currently this mod contains the following patches: Alternative Layouts and Intermissions Patch Adds options to map-related commands and votes to choose layout for the map. Adds the ability to change intermission points (what you see prior to spawning) for aliens, humans and spectators. TK Wars Patch Adds a special game mode for Tea

Write2me - Helping physically challenged people to communicate through new interaction technologies

Write2Me is a non-profit Open Source project that its main goal is to build very simple in use communication tool for people that are physically challenged. Inspiration came from a boy with cerebral palsy disability that one of project authors got to know. We hope that we can help with our technical skills and new technologies/techniques like Augmented Reality. More info will be available soon at: According to Wikipedia: Cerebral palsy (CP) is an umbrella term encompassing a gro

Checkibm - Nagios plugin to check ibm products

2012-03-25Remember not to miss, as is probable they will develop new code, fix some other, and maybe. maybe one day we could be as one: For now I'm glad we all share code trough GPLv3. Thank you guys for keeping the free software spirit. 2012-03-20I added to was.agent2, scripts to compile,run,pack,and run the packed: In order out of the box, you will need to c

Setterminalstyle - A command line tool for changing the style of your current terminal in Terminal.a

IntroductionA command line tool that changes the style of your current tab in on Mac OS X. This tools is largely inspired by an AppleScript from the Omni Group. That script was broken when Snow Leopard came out, however there is now an updated version of the script available from the Omni Group. Too bad that I found the update after I had written this helper myself. Though it was a nice learning example for using the ScriptingBridge Framework. I hope you can enjoy it too! See the fo